Not much, how ’bout you?

Well let’s see – what’s happened this week?

I had my last visit to my psychiatrist before she moves her practice completely to Brisbane.  I’m still going to be seeing her (but every 10 weeks instead of every 8, is the plan) but it will mean a trip – probably by bus, since parking in Brisbane is apparently the third most expensive in the Asia Pacific – after only Sydney and Tokyo! I can’t get in to see another psychiatrist here – they’re not taking new patients.

It’s been COLD here.  Well, cold for Toowoomba – mornings getting down to 5 and 6 degrees C (that’s around 41F).  And while that’s nowhere NEAR how cold Canberra is, after 7 years or so up here, I’ve adapted – and 6 feels quite cold enough!  We’ve had several frosts already, but lovely clear days. We need to shut the house up at about 4 o’clock, and start getting warm again, and keep the asthma medication handy because that’s about the time the wood fires are being lit in the neighbourhood!

The cooler mornings have made my fibromyalgia worse, I think – I’ve been moving very slowly.  Mr Beloved has been trudging along with the studio reorganisation – it’s such a huge job, and continues to be a sliding puzzle of moving that over there so this can move over here…

Chair and carpet tiles

He’s reached a big milestone, though – these are the first of the carpet tiles!  YAY!  Of course this means he has to manoeuvre everything around yet again so he can put the tiles down, but he’s getting there.  Nothing we do is fast – we’ve both had broken backs, and continuing physical problems which mean we have to work around what we can manage.  Slowly, slowly…

(It doesn’t help that Mr Beloved had to start taking blood pressure medication, and it doesn’t seem to be agreeing with him at all.  Back to the doctors we go…)

It was pay week, so we went grocery shopping, in 5 different stores.  ARRRGH!   (See separate post on this topic.)  I had to buy new shoes  – after three years, the ones I wear almost every day had just plain worn out.  I bought the new model of the same shoe (Brooks Addiction Walker) but sadly, at Australian prices – ouch!  Now I know that’s such a good shoe for my very flat, fat feet, I might try ordering it online from overseas.

And of course we’re watching Eurovision (the final is tonight!) as we do every year.  So many white dresses!  So many singers who can’t sing on key!  So many acts where the backing dancers are more interesting than the song!

We’re still waiting for the electrician to come back and do the wiring and replace the lights – and for the painters to start on the outside of the house.

And that’s probably all the news this week.

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