A Narrow Escape…

We’ve had the cockatiels cage outside under what we laughingly refer to as “The O’Connor Wing” (one day we hope to make this area of roofed over concrete outside the back door useful… but so far it’s usually full of stuff waiting to go somewhere else).  I was sick of having their birdseed mess in the front room, where I want to put an actual dining table.

BUT – yesterday – we heard the birds SCREAMING!!  SCREECHING! like they never have before.  I looked out and caught sight of a large predator bird flying  back to the large silky oak that overlooks our shed.

Mr Beloved rushed out and  moved the birdcage up the stairs and into the laundry while I stood guard with a broomstick in hand.

I’m pretty sure it was a Brown Goshawk and it was absolutely fearless – it flew back under the roof and perched not five feet away from me and GLARED at me!

Our birds are safe, if a little battered – the Goshawk attacked them at least three separate times.   Lesson learned – little birds are not safe even in their cage!  They’ve been given extra millet and cuddles today.