Quitting sugar, Day 30 something

So – I’m typing this VERY SLOWLY because I overdid things yesterday cleaning the books and bookshelves – my hands are swollen, my arms are sore, and I had to take a LOT Of painkiller last night to stay asleep through the pain (200mg of Tramadol – yikes!! I try to keep it to 50mg a day or less, depending on the fibro pain).

I’m eating my breakfast (yep, at lunchtime!) of rolled oats porridge made with water, a small handful of flaked almonds and some milk. It looks dreadful – nothing to break up the beigeness – but tastes okay. That’s pretty much my standard breakfast these days.  (I do tend to get stuck on a certain breakfast, for months at a time.  I’m odd like that.)

I have had sugar once since starting the quit plan. *GASP*! Last Thursday after the new ceilings were put in and the house was a mess, we decided that cooking was out of the question that night and took ourselves off to the club.  I avoided the trap of sauce (with hidden sugar) on my steak; skipped over the mixed veges in sauce (because I know they tasted sweet even when I was still eating sugar!) and had a light beer (no sugar) and a diet coke (yes, I know it’s EVIL, yada yada yada).   Even tried a spoonful of Mr Beloved’s decently hot Thai curry.  But then…

Going to the club is one of those DANGER TIMES when old habits can easily kick in.  We talked about having dessert and I decided that I would – just to see what would happen.  After much consideration (if I was going to break the sugar free thing then I wanted what I ate to be WORTH IT!) I had cranberry cheesecake with cream and ice-cream.

It was okay.  Nice enough cheesecake but… before quitting sugar, I would have been looking for more, but now?  Not so much.  I enjoyed it, I was mindful as I ate it, making sure I really appreciated the textures and tastes… and honestly, I think I enjoyed the small scoop of icecream as much as I did the cheesecake.

The next day I was “hungrier” than usual – not actual physical hunger but wanting to eat more.  I didn’t feel sick or hungover, as other people have reported after eating sugar.

Since then I haven’t really wanted more sugar.  I’m really surprised by that – I used to love cakes, bickies, desserts, chocolates… I’ve even had a small square of the most AWESOME chilli chocolate from a local chocolatier, Seatonfire Chilli Chocolate (Lindt Chilli has always been too wimpy) which kind friends bought as a gift for Mr Beloved (a notorious chilli fiend!).  Perhaps because the chocolate is SO good and the chilli is really intense (they also do a mild version but meh – why bother?!) one small square was enjoyable but I didn’t want any more.  (And this from someone who has been known to scoff an entire block of Lindt in one sitting…)

So I’m keeping on with the sugar free life.  I haven’t lost weight but my clothes are looser – and I suspect now I’m not relying on lots of nuts to get me over the sweet-with-a-cuppa-thing, I probably will lose weight.  I’m still drinking diet coke (yeah yeah, it’s EVIL, I should drink water instead, blah blah blah) but have reduced that, too. Onwards!