A step closer…

House sans gutters - note unsightly moss on rotten fascia board

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When I last showed you the house, this is what the front looked like –  new ridge rolls on, the solar panels back where they belong, and the brackets in place for the new gutters.

Yay, new gutters and new fascia board!

(Photo taken late afternoon, so the colours look completely different!)

Now we have a new fascia board to replace the rotted one, new gutters, and new plastic downpipes.  I’m not paying the rest of the plumber/roofer’s bill until I get the boss around to make sure EVERYTHING is done.   But we’re almost there….

The ceiling replacement got pushed back til after Easter.  Which gave us a chance to get this done:

New shelving against new wall

This beautiful stuff is “System1/2/3” shelving from a mob called Metalsistem. Intuitive to put together, and fast!  (took about half an hour to put three 900mm bays together). We’re very happy with this – so much so that more of it could even become the pantry shelving.  We’ll see.  It’s industrial and functional and actually not too bad to look at.  Best of all – unlike the previous bookcases, it wont’ disintegrate if it gets wet! (And it was cheaper than buying replacement chipboard bookcases.)

And it’s against the new plywood walls in the shed/studio – yep, that job is FINALLY finished, but the sliding puzzle of moving THAT over THERE to move THIS over HERE goes on…