Sweet Poison Quit Plan: Day 19 and counting

We might be a little grumpy...

It’s the 19th day I’ve been sugar free.  Mr Beloved is noticing that I’m kinda grumpy (hrrrumph!) but whether that’s down to sugar withdrawal or to the huge disruptions the renovations are causing, I don’t know.  Breakfast is tricky – there aren’t really any pre-prepared cereals that meet the criteria for how I’m eating, so I’ve been eating toast and vegemite, or toast and avocado, or porridge (plain rolled oats and water) with almonds and half an apple.  Not as easy as just grabbing a bowl of sugary cereal, but not a huge hassle, either.

(Yep, it’s okay to eat fruit – only 2 pieces a day – because at least when you’re eating whole fruit you’re getting fibre along with the fructose.)

I got a LOT of comments from Facebook friends over my Diet Coke consumption.  “Why not just drink WATER?” they asked.  “Why buy into the Evil Black Drink again?”  Good question, especially since I have been quite addicted to diet coke in the past (although NEVER as badly as the ex-second-husband, who could drink 6 litres+ of EBD  per day!).  The simple answer is: right now, it helps with the sugar cravings.  I deliberately bought two 24 can cartons of diet coke when they were on special at the supermarket the other week, and once they’re gone I’m not buying any more.  I have at most 3 cans a day, when I’m really wanting something sweet. I only keep a couple of cans cold, so I’m not tempted to guzzle it just because it’s there.

(Obviously, I also drink plain water and a couple of cups of tea as well! No juice and no full strength soft drinks, though.)

Changing my habit of something sweet with my cuppa after dinner, that’s been harder.  We’ve run out of my go-to alternative (pistachios in their shells – makes it slightly slower to scoff the lot!) and don’t have the car until tomorrow arvo at the earliest, so tonight could be interesting.  I’m not going to give in, though.

I didn’t clean out the pantry and fridge as comprehensively as the book advised – because that would have wasted a lot of money, and we just can’t do that.  Mr Beloved has greatly reduced his sugar intake, but there are still things he eats that I’m no longer eating.  He opened a new jar of fruit chutney for his toasted ham and cheese sandwich today, and accidentally got a teensy swipe of it on my toasted sandwich and it was sooooooo sweet tasting that I almost couldn’t eat it. I was surprised by the sugariness of just that small amount.   I used to love smearing chutney all over my sandwiches. Ugh.

Have I lost any weight? Ummm – I dunno, since I refuse to weigh myself.  I’m just not going down that obsessive path again! But my clothes are looser.  I’m sure I’m eating less  – which is in line with what the book said would happen as the hormones which help regulate satiety are able to work properly again (instead of being overloaded by too much sugar). And it’s early days yet.

(BTW, I told my GP that I was doing all this, and she was fine with it – she reckons anything that reduces caloric intake is a Good Thing.  If you’ve read the book and understand the science behind it, you’ll know that all calories aren’t equal, but never mind…)


2 thoughts on “Sweet Poison Quit Plan: Day 19 and counting”

  1. Good on you Caitlin. Sadly many people give up after 3 weeks. You are almost there. Keep on going. I can relate to you on so many levels except for the ex 2nd husband (I’m still stuck with the 1st!). I got bored with breakfast too so I made some muffins that are made with weetbix. I also have made some sugar free muesli. Both recipes (and more) can be found on my blog
    On of my followers had a brilliant idea about making toasted muesli and I tried it out by adding some rice bran oil and rice malt syrup and baking it in the oven and it is to die for.

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