100 days on: exhausted… but maybe on the home stretch?

Today is 100 days since the “inland tsunami”, and the Queensland flood inquiry is hearing evidence in Toowoomba.  The blame game has started in earnest, even though there was really very little anyone could have done, in my (uneducated but common sense) view.

(I’m very glad I don’t have to have any involvement with all that – I’m surprised at how distressing just looking at photos of what happened here is.)

I am NOT having a Good Day.  I am tired and grumpy and not pleasant to be around.  I feel like I could sleep for a week, but instead I have to get up and be around when the tradies are here – just to make sure they are actually doing what the quotes said they’d do.  And I’m finding that exhausting, since the !@(&^!(*&^ fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue  really means I need around 10 hours of sleep a night. I don’t work tradies’ hours!

The noise of their tools isn’t too bad – but their yelling across the yard to each other, their taste in music (arrgh, I HATE trying to do stuff to someone else’s music – it makes it hard to THINK) and the incredibly annoying non stop barking of psycho dog next door – it’s all just TOO MUCH.  At least none of the current lot are smokers. (Just went back to the house and noticed the bloke doing the gutters was smoking.  Arrgh!)

[all pics clicky for biggy]

Old gutters in situ

You can see why we were anxious to get new gutters!

The old gutters, on the ground

And why they weren’t working very well anymore – between the silt and the rust, they’d really gone past their use-by date.

Beautiful new gutters - NO LEAKS!

Ahhh!  Lovely new gutters, in “Surfmist” – yep, another one of those times during renovation when you have to choose exactly WHICH white is the right white.

New gutters: about $2700.

Today the inside of the shed/studio was finished – there’s fresh new plywood walls all the way around (replacing the lining that had soaked up water in the January 10th inundation).  This was paid for by the insurance – yay!  Poor Mr Beloved has had to shuffle everything around several times to allow the builders access.  Tomorrow the new metal shelving will arrive (flat packed) and we’ll be able to start getting stuff back where it ought to go.

The front room - FULL!

The sewing room - FULL!

Both the front room and the sewing room have even more STUFF in them than usual because when the bookcases in the shed disintegrated, the books had to move into the house.  Mr Beloved made a heroic effort with a handcart and improvised ramps:

It's a long way to the top...

And in the next few weeks, the books will come back downstairs and into the new shelving.  It’s actually a much bigger job than that, because there are cupboards in the front room that aren’t really being used fully and would be better in the shed, and cleaning out the sewing room is a job that will take a few days on its own.

Tomorrow we’ve got disruptions to the INSIDE of the house for the first time.  The bedroom and loungeroom ceilings will be removed, two ceiling bearers over the lounge room will be replaced, and one ceiling joist at the rear of the house is also being replaced.   (Getting the room for the builder to move about is going to be interesting – there’s not really anywhere to move furniture around in the house!  He’s bringing lots of dropsheets…)

It will be lovely to have a new ceiling  – this is what the loungeroom ceiling looks like now:

Blue wall, patched ceiling

That’s the remains of the plywood ceiling with some cardboard and masonite covering the worst of the termite holes.  All the other ceilings in the house are 2″boards, but for some unknown reason the bedroom and loungeroom ceilings were plywood with pine coverstrips.  (Perhaps the builder couldn’t nick any more 2″ vjs when it was time to do those rooms!)   The termites just loooooooved them, nom nom nom.

It’s another one of those things that you just get used to, but I will be so glad when it’s fixed.  We’re cheating a little bit – these days, you can buy mdf that looks like vj boards and that’s what the builder will be using.  Eventually we’ll get around to painting the new ceilings.

He’ll also be replacing  this rotten fascia board at the front of the house:

Front fascia board to be replaced

With the new gutters, we won’t have the leaks which caused the board to rot and grow moss…

The builder’s also installing two extra timber joists under the kitchen floor to stop it moving about quite so alarmingly.  Cost for all that? About $4000.

See how quickly it adds up!  Yikes! And we’re still got a couple of other bits I need to get him to quote on – putting some weatherboards over the fibro at the back of the house where the laundry has been tacked on, and fixing some of the eaves – (we don’t do ladders, remember?!) …

But in good news, it looks like we will get the painting done.  YAY!!

We had windy rain last night, and even though the gutters were all off the house, we had no leaks.  Phew!  And there were no more of the ominous creaks that we used to anxiously listen for on stormy nights – the house is really feeling so much more SOLID than it ever has.  Such a relief.

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