Local History

We’re not the only locals undergoing forced repairs!  This is the Toowoomba Maltings, across the creek from us.  Parts of the maltings have been there since 1899:

The maltings, a pic from 1992

But a few weeks ago, we noticed there had been a significant change – we missed getting a pic of the damages then, but here it is with some of the rubble cleared away:

The same building, today

AND THAT, boys and girls is why we’ve spent so much money getting OUR roof fixed!

It’s cost almost as much to get the roof sorted as it did to get the stumps done.  By the time we get the new ceiling bearers and new ceilings, it will be more.  The builder is supposed to start that part on Tuesday… and we’re expecting the work on the new gutters and downpipes to start tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the car is going in for repair. Remember that teeny little ding in the car? Well, the smash repairers need the car for THREE DAYS to fix it.  *headdesk* We’ve done an extra run to the greengrocer today and should manage without the car, but it’s annoying.  (Our insurance would pay for a hire car, but not for all the extra insurance and fuel a hire car requires – so we’re going without.

And now it’s just about time to go and watch the Chinese Formula 1 race. Sebastian Vettel has pole and will probably be out of view for most of the broadcast.  Our Marky is starting EIGHTEENTH.  Oh dear.

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