Grate! (Bubbler/overflow for new rainwater tank)

So – aren’t you all just FASCINATED by this picture?  Yep, it’s a photo of a hole in the ground!  Well, not quite – that’s the bubbler at the end of the trench for the new water tank.  Mr Beloved will be planting a herb garden around this.   One more thing ticked off the Giant List Of Things…

Whirlybird on roof


And in more news that’s possibly only exciting to us  – we now have a WHIRLYBIRD!  We don’t have insulation in the roof, and we found those rotted ceiling bearers – so decided a good option was this roof ventilator.  Keeps things cooler and drier.  Again, sadly, one of those things that’s not immediately obvious for the dollars spent, but I think will prove worthwhile.

The new roof is (almost) finished!

And the house now has a shiny new roof!  (Very difficult to get a picture of it, as I Do Not Do Ladders.) All the new ridge capping is on, and we can face the predicted rainy weekend without worrying.  Phew!  Just as the roofers were leaving this arvo, the kookaburras started laughing – a sure sign that we will get rain in the next 24 hours.

On Monday – gutters!

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