A Good Day

Today was a good day – not only did we reach the milestone of having a complete roof, I got to meet up with a quilty/facebook friend.

It was BRILLIANT!  Kate brought me three ginormous bags of books – lots of stuff that I’ve been wanting to read, some stuff that I’ve already read but no longer owned – such happiness!!  We sat and had coffees and talked for several hours.

And eventually the conversation got around to sewing machines.  And our mutual love of vintage machines.  Now, I have (ahem!) 14 sewing machines… which is too many.  (There are certain machines that are absolutely core, that must be kept – seriously, get rid of my great grandmother’s beautiful treadle? I don’t think so! Not yet, anyway…)

I’ve already divested myself of quite a few in the last year, after realising that I just haven’t had the interest in them I once did.  But happily – Kate fell in LOVE with two of my machines – a “Standard” branded hand crank (a Singer clone, but very pretty) and the weirdly wonderful Singer 319K.  (The “K” at the end tells you it’s made in the Kilbowie plant, Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland.)

Kate, Connie, Caity, and the Singer 319

(Gawd, I’m ENORMOUS!  I’m also very proud of myself, because I went out for coffee and not only didn’t have any cakes or other sweets – I didn’t even use sweetener in my coffee.  The further I go on this sugar free thing the better it gets.)

A win all round – these machines have been waiting for just the right person to come along.   And I’m so looking forward to the new books – I think I’ll start with a nice big thick one, Vikram Seth’s “A Suitable Boy”.


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