And it continues…

We’ve had rainy weather on and off for the last week, which has been very frustrating as the roof has been half finished!  New tin is slippery, so even the slightest mist of rain makes it too dangerous for our tradies to be up there. And every day our solar cells are offline costs us money. (Seriously, our electricity bill was cut by about two thirds once we got the solar hot water system and the Photo-Voltaic cells that feed power back into the grid.)

This was our lovely red mud yesterday:

Rain rain go away!








[all pics click for bigger]

(The waste carpet is an attempt to mitigate erosion under the worst of the gutter leaks; the waste plywood against the fence is to stop the psycho dog next door charging us every time we go out the back door.)

Today, happily, we’ve even got some blue sky:

Laundry, sans roof!

Pantry nook, no roof

So our roofers are hard at work.  Yay!  There’s still so much to do – it seems that every time I look around there’s something else that needs fixing.  Case in point: when the main roof of the house came off, the roofer drew our attention to 3 ceiling joists that were so badly damaged he could throw handfuls of shards down.


We’ve got a quote from a builder to add new ones alongside (you really can’t take the old ones away!) and replace the ceilings in the lounge and bedroom, which were plywood and also desperately needed replacing – now I’m just waiting for him to get back to us with a start date for that part of the project.

We’re hoping the hot water service will get fixed tomorrow (fingers crossed the materials arrive), and the solar panels and the new guttering can get put on.

Next job after that is probably the painter… provided nothing else (touch wood!) goes wrong.

Still hoping we’ll have enough for at least some new kitchen, even if it’s only a couple of cupboards/drawer units and new benchtop … a new sink and taps would be lovely, but sheesh, have you SEEN the prices?  They range from under a hundred dollars to THOUSANDS – seriously, people, it’s a spout, water comes out of it – how can that cost thousands?? Why does ANYONE need a spout with colour changing LEDs in it??

(I might still be a little cranky after being severely sleep deprived yesterday – we had more power outages overnight, and when there’s no power my CPAP machine doesn’t work, and so I go into full on sleep apnoea, with hundreds of wake cycles per hour.  Not fun for anyone – and as a friend reminded me, potentially serious, because apnoea can kill.  Eeek.)

I’ve also had to buy a new phone this week – my poor old ultra basic model (it couldn’t even get picture messages – sooo last century!) died.  And the sim card died with it.  Arrgh!  Fortunately I was able to get a good deal on a new phone, that now even gets the internet – woo hooo!  (And I’m on a cheap cheap plan, which if the phone company stops providing will mean no more mobile ‘net – ah well, the joys of poverty!) and replacing the sim card while keeping the same phone number turns out to be simple.  Who knew?

And our electric frypan died.  Arrrrgh!  Because we don’t have a working cooktop (we have a stopgap portable two electric hotplate thingummy) we relied on the electric frypan for a lot of cooking.  *sigh*  At least we know that the safety switch works!

So – fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong this week.  Still waiting to hear from the smash repairers about the ding in the car  – the insurance claim can take a while.

And I’m heading  off for another cuppa – I don’t really get moving til my second tea of the day!

Breakfast - vegemite toast and tea


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