Strange things in my garden…

Well, technically they’re not IN my garden yet – they’re kind of hanging about waiting for the various tradies to be done, THEN we’ll sort out the garden.  No point while things keep getting dug up and dragged about…

Saracenia and bonus!

Here’s a (not very good) shot of the new Saracenia Psittacina (marketed as “Gobble Guts”!) we bought from Bunnings yesterday – I picked this one because I noticed the bonus sundews (Drosera Spathulata) which were a type we didn’t already have (Mr Beloved has a dab hand with the carnivorous plants, so we have a few…)

And I have a great fondness for these Echeveria – I’m looking for a “Hen and Chicks” (Echeveria secunda glauca) but happened across this gorgeous “Black Prince” at the nursery today – the chocolate colour was irresistable!

Echeveria Black Prince

The echeverias and some other succulents (which IMHO aren’t nearly so pretty on their own, but work in a bigger scheme) will eventually go in pots out the front of the house, where there’s concrete that we Are Not Digging Up (because, well, if you’ve ever done it, you know why!)

I’m even thinking of drawing up an actual PLAN for the garden.  Mr Beloved has decided a patch that gets full sun and now has the bubbler/overflow for our brand new water tank in the middle will become the herb garden.

The old tank, in two pieces

New tank








The new tank isn’t completely connected yet, but the pump is wired up and the piping and tap are in.  We’ve even had some rain to start filling the tank! (Which has also meant delays in getting the roof finished – but that’s another story.)

We already have some lovely dwarf grevilleas along the front fence, and  chillies along the side of the shed.  So they have to stay.  But the rest is up for grabs, and especially in the back yard where we don’t ever want a repeat of the flood water rushing across the yard, we’re thinking about what to put in.  Maybe a vege patch … but the Small Dog would like some lawn to play ball on, please!

Play BALL!

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