So we’ve had some birthdays this week – mine was Sunday, Mr Beloved’s was Monday, and my wonderful Mum’s is today.

My Birthday in 1972

This is a picture of my birthday party in 1972 – I was 4.  There are so many things I love about this picture – do you see that cake?  That came from an Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cakes booklet – long before they started doing the glossy paper books.  The cake was The Old Woman Who Lived in A Shoe.  Wafers for the roof, and I think the front had licorice laces… that went through peppermint lifesavers for the eyelets.

And look at the other birthday goodies – sausage rolls! Fairy bread! (For my non- Aussie readers, Fairy Bread was a birthday MUST – buttered white bread with hundreds and thousands.  It was divine.)  Chips!  (not hot chips, potato crisps – a very special treat.) And look – not only the birthday cake, there were little patty cakes too with candles – we didn’t call them “cupcakes”, they were patty cakes.  When Mr Beloved saw the picture he commented on the Tupperware jug – his family had a yellow one.  And those wonderful foil party hats and paper plates!

1972 birthday - look at the cake!

(I know this image is flipped – these are scanned from slides and I have no memory of the actual layout of the room in this house.)

Mum tells me I would have invited the whole preschool if I was allowed – as it is,  there were 8 guests plus my little sister (whose arm and leg are in the high chair at the left of the picture!)  I have absolutely no idea who any of these kids are now – so if by some weird chance you were at Ruth Miller’s 4th Birthday Party in Griffith, NSW, in 1972 – let me know!!

(For those of you who don’t know, I changed my name – it’s a long story.)

And here was this year’s party at a scrapbooking day at a friend’s house:

Kyla, Nelsa, Tammy, Caity, Wendy

Blowing out the candles is still fun:

Tammy and Caity prove blowing out birthday candles is still fun!

Tammy is a scrapbooking friend who’s a couple of weeks older than I am – we had a joint birthday celebration this year!

This was the cake – from Nigella’s recipe (yes, after my Nigella RANT, I still use her recipes, because they work first time, every time.)

Cake! It was good. Very good.

That’s 300 grams of Lindt dessert chocolate and some butter for the icing/filling alone!

Today is my 6th day of being sugar free (good thing we got the birthday cake out of the way first, eh?) but it’s not easy… I’m hoping to be significantly thinner by next birthday.

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