Ouch, my car!

So there I was, waiting at the red light, when  – BOOM!  My car was hit from behind by a large truck.  🙁

I got out, OUTRAGED, and said to the bloke who got out of the truck: “YOU DINGED MY CAR!”

We drove around the corner and exchanged details.  He said “I was writing something down and I took my foot off the brake.”   I couldn’t think of anything to say to that, so I agreed with him when he said “Yeah, pretty stupid, I know!”

After heading home and having a cuppa to steady my nerves, I called the Policelink number (since they’ve farmed out the calls to scriptmonkeys, you can’t actually call the police station any more) and was told to go to the local police station to report it.

So I drove back to the local police station.  “Oh no” says the non-uniformed script monkey at the enquiries desk, “That’s a non-reportable incident.”

GRRRR!  Home again, find and fill out the comments form for Policelink to say I expect consistency of information from the police – I don’t think that’s unreasonable, do you?

Meantime, Mr Beloved, bless his cottton socks, calls the boss of the company the driver was working for.  “Hmmm” says company boss “I just had Driver X in here at the depot and he didn’t mention this!”

“Well, he wouldn’t, would he?!” said Mr Beloved.

Company boss wants US to run round and get quotes for getting it fixed.  I don’t think so!  I took it to a local smash repairer, and guess what? That tiny little ding and the two paint chips? About $800- $900 and three days to fix – the boot-lid has to be taken off, the dent fixed, the boot-lid resprayed, same for the bumper bar.

Armed with info from the smash repairs that the other bloke’s insurance would have to pay, I called our insurance and put in a claim.

We won’t lose our no claim bonus and we won’t have to pay the excess.  Phew!

But I didn’t need this today.  *headdesk*

More on new and exciting termite damage finds in another post…

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