More about the house renovation….

Before Phase 1

Our House, With New Stumps!

Well, the house is noticeably STRAIGHTER, yes?!  That was quite a lean the poor old dear had developed – on all corners!  It’s now amazingly different underfoot – much more solid.  And now when the washing machine goes into its spin cycle, the whole house doesn’t shake!  Doors that had been sticking are now freed up again.

Unfortunately, some internal things are now wonky – the sink has moved away from the wall, and a couple of pieces of wall trim (that were already termite eaten) have split open as the house went up and back down.  Minor things, really.

(These next few pics from Mr Beloved.  My back has decided to be uncooperative today and I can’t bend!)

Underneath the house

Munched wood that was trying to hold up the house!

Eeeks!  No wonder the house was wonky!

West side of the house

We ended up needing 6 new bearers (we’d originally thought 2) and TWENTY FIVE new weatherboards (original estimate was 8.)  We’re still waiting for the final invoice for all of that.

We’re very pleased with the mob who did all the work so far – Atlas House Removals and Restumping.  (Tell Erin Caity sent ya!)  The blokes were efficient and helpful.  We’re getting them back to do the battens around the bottom of the house, too.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, work starts on the replacing the roof, guttering, and tank.  Oy!!

We’re so very very grateful that we have support in getting all this done (you know who you are!)  I’m determined to learn how to do some of the inside repairs (new architraves, windowsills, installing MDF panels that look like VJ walls to finish some inside walls, wall trim) myself, but they all might have to wait a while.

Newly boarded up pantry area

This is the space off the kitchen where the window used to be.  This is one of the places I will finish with the vj boards, to (cheat!) match the rest of the house. The fridge will move from the main part of the kitchen into the space at the right hand side of this picture, and the plan is to have a cupboard for appliances and a benchtop to extend the sink area.  Oh, and the sink will (eventually) be moving across – the tap on the wall (underneath the clock) will be moved up to the same level as the sink.  All this will make this previously unused area work as usable space.  (That’s the theory, anyway!)

And now my arm says I can’t type anymore for a while.  Grrr.



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2 Responses to More about the house renovation….

  1. 2paw says:

    Wow, your house is ever so straight and I am rather surprised it hadn’t had a little collapse when I see all the termitey wood!!
    Lots of ‘fun’ to be had inside now then??
    How great to have such good people to do your work too.

    • Caityquilter says:

      It is straight, isn\’t it! I am so pleased, really feel like we had good value for money. We were also shocked by the state of the wood – eeeks!

      \”Fun\” inside is going to depend entirely on how much money is left after the roofing is done… I\’d really like to get the outside of the house painted but not sure if the budget will even stretch to that.

      Atlas were EXCELLENT! This next mob, I\’m not so sure…

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