Bye Bye Window!

Concrete proof of progress! (groan)

Today was a Very Exciting Day:  the concrete was poured for the stumps.  I was having a particularly bad fibro flare day and managed to sleep through most of it – yep, even as they concreted the stump under my bed!

#&*^$(^(*&TERMITES ATE THE BEARER!! And the wall!

And this, Dear Reader, is part of the reason we’re going through this very expensive process.  We had no idea the damage was THIS bad… what’s you’re looking at here is the outside of the East wall of the house.  The weatherboard has been eaten away, but what’s worse is that the bearer – the big piece of wood that holds the floor up – has also been destroyed.

You can also see the top of the new (zinc grey) adjustable steel stump.  The really cool thing about these is that when the (inevitable) subsidence happens we can get the stumps tightened up and the house should stay level.  (You do this every five years or so.) The termite damage combined with subsidence since the house was built (60 or so years ago) meant that on the old stumps, the house was quite wonky – you could put a marble down in the middle of a room and not be able to guess the direction it would roll!

The window, Before...
Once, there was a window here...

This is the window roughly above the rotten bearer.  It’s in a little nook that was originally added on for the stove.  Mr Beloved took the old (wood!) stove out when he moved in 14 years ago, but the nook has never really been much use.

Filling in the window with weatherboards...
No more window!

You can just see the patch where the window was, under the security light.  I have Big Plans for the Previously Useless Nook – it’s going to be sort of a Butler’s pantry, with a cupboard for appliances, some bench space, and the fridge moved in there.  All of which will make our tiny kitchen a lot more workable without being too spendy.

Unfortunately as I type this it’s RAINING – Oh noes!  So I suspect the builders won’t be able to finish tomorrow – all the weatherboards waiting to go up and getting soaked, as are our new (secondhand) front stairs.  I’m hoping they’ll at least still be able to let the house down off the hydraulic jacks and replace the bearer – having the house actually LEVEL and STABLE will be an exciting moment!