Well THERE’S ya problem!

Our House

So. Here’s Our House. All of 7.5 metres across the front.  It’s not big, but it’s ours.

The problems...

And here are some of the problems.  Which are VERY EXPENSIVE to fix, as we are finding out…

NOT supposed to have a hole in it!

This is one of the “ant caps” that sits on top of the wooden stump.  It’s meant to stop the white ants (termites) from coming up into the house.  Unfortunately, the (amateur) builder who built our house in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s made the all too common mistake of nailing the bearer to the stump cap.  Result: a small hole which gradually turned into a BIG hole and rendered the entire thing useless.  The builders who are doing the restumping say they see this all the time… so far I’ve looked at 5 stump caps from our house and it’s happened to every.single.one.   Grrrr.

Hey ho and up she rises!

And here’s what is happening now.  The house gets jacked up off the original stumps (see the gap?) and these supports and steels go under.  Then new (INEDIBLE!) adjustable steel stumps get concreted in.

It was very odd this morning, lying in bed (I am NOT good at mornings) as the restumping started – feeling the whole house MOVE as they started to jack it up off the stumps.

The doors in the whole house are sticking right now, because over the years the house has slumped.  It will be wonderful to have it level and sturdy!  So far we know at least two of the bearers have to be replaced  (and they may find more as the job progresses) and the current contract includes the replacement of 8 weatherboards… fingers crossed there’s not too many more than that.

And this morning I signed the contracts for the roof, gutters, and rainwater tank to be replaced.  *gulp*  Somehow I’m also going to have to find money in the budget for the house to be repainted so the new weatherboards are protected.  The roof will be new (shiny!) zinc, and I’ve chosen a nice neutral colour for the gutters (Colorbond “Surfmist“) and we’re thinking a nice blue/purple with charcoal trim for the paint.  Possibly Dulux “Astro Zinger” if we go with the purple – although I really like “Sea Green”, Mr Beloved is not keen on greens.  (I also like “Monastic” violet  and “Clean Green” in this collection (but not together!) Long before I came to live with him, Mr Beloved painted the entire inside of the house BLUE.  Not blue, you understand – BLLLUUUUUUUE!!  As in, I’m pretty sure it’s going to take a couple of coats of white to neutralise it  to change the wall colour.

Connie the Very Brave Poodle is a bit anxious about all these strange happenings.  Can’t say I blame her…



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4 Responses to Well THERE’S ya problem!

  1. 2paw says:

    No wonder Connie the VBP is a bit anxious. I am glad we don’t have termites here. That is a trap for young players: not hammering the stump ant caps on. I want to go and measure my house now, but I am a bit poorly, so I’ll give it a miss!!

    • Caityquilter says:

      Yet another reason to move to Tassie – no termites!! I must measure up our inside rooms sometime, even with all the BLUUUUUUE this house is definitely NOT a TARDIS!

  2. Karen Barrett says:

    So, while they jack it up, can they jack it up higher? so that you have a garage underneath?

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