DEAD!! No more termites here!

MUUAAAA HAAAA HAAA!  All the termites are DEAD.  This is part of their nest, retrieved by the builders.  It was hidden in the best looking stump out of all 30…

Bye bye, stumps!
Look, Ma, no stumps!

I’m very impressed by how hard the guys are working – they started around 8 this morning and at just after 12 came to tell us the house was completely STUMPLESS!  The little Dingo digger is amazing, I had no idea how powerful they were.

The blokes have gone for (a well deserved) lunch break.  When they get back, they’ll start digging the holes a little deeper so the new stumps can be concreted in.

Oh – and they’ve found more weatherboards that need replacing. *headdesk*  We knew they might…


3 Replies to “AHA!”

  1. Oh, your house is floating on air!!! I meant to pop over and see your colour schemes from the last post. BLUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sounds awful, I think it might need subduing too!!

    1. LOL! It looks so cool floating, doesn\’t it!

      I\’ll have to put up photos (tomorrow – you need daylight shots to fully appreciate just how much Mr Beloved loved that BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE!

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