In Brisbane yesterday…

Brisbane from Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

Yesterday we ventured down the hill so I could see the rheumatologist.

It didn’t go well.  Mostly because I was REALLY REALLY REALLY STRESSED OUT.  *sigh* It will be interesting to see what she writes to my GP.

However, we had packed lunch and went to our favourite spot up in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens on Mount Coot-tha.

Mr Beloved Mt Coot-tha

We have no idea why there were wild office chairs at the picnic area.  Some strange mating ritual?  Were they gathering to feed?

The day was exhausting, as the roads are quite badly rain damaged – not just the highway, but many suburban roads in Brisbane were potholed and undergoing repair.   Mr Beloved’s knowledge of Brisbane got us through – I don’t drive in the city as I have no idea where anything is and that traffic is FAST!