An update.

When we last saw Our Heroine, she was anxiously waiting to hear from the insurance company.

Good news – the contents claim was approved and paid.  Yay!  The builders are supposed to be getting back to us (the plywood walls lining the studio are all going to be replaced) and so are the designated carpet people.  The builders and carpet have to be carefully organised so that Mr Beloved doesn’t have to move EVERYTHING multiple times…

Bad news – in the general Getting Stuff Organised after the flood, we had a termite inspection in the house.  VERY BAD NEWS – the voracious little buggers have had a good old chew, destroying boards inside the house and out, but most dangerously – the stumps of the house.  The termites have now been treated but… we have to restump the house, at Great Expense.

More posts to follow on that later.  It’s been an added stress that we really didn’t need!

Meanwhile, we now have pedestrian access across one of the bridges destroyed by the January 10 flood.

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Entry to the footbridge

From the Jellicoe Street bridge, looking back towards town

You can see the debris left in the bridge railings and the massive amount of scouring out of the creek bed.  A whole shipping container floated down here on January 10, higher than this bridge.

From the Jellicoe Street bridge looking down Gowrie Creek towards North Street

And this is the view in the direction of the water.   Our place is further around the bend  (!!) than you can see in this picture. Council has said the bridge will be closed for at least 12 months.  The creek is probably at about its usual flow in this picture.  For comparison, here’s what it looked like on January 10:

Gowrie Creek on January 10, 2011

We were very lucky that we could clearly show the insurance company that our damage was caused by stormwater runoff (covered in the policy) and not by flood.  Most of the people affected by floods in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in the last few months are still fighting.  And of course we feel sorry for the people in North Queensland affected by Cyclone Yasi and now the Christchurch earthquake, over in New Zealand…  it’s been an eventful summer.

Here’s a picture taken today – you can see the flood debris in the trees:

Looking towards the creek from our yard today - lots of flood debris in trees.

And now – time for a nap.




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  1. 2paw says:

    What good news, what bad news. But I think you’d rather know than not. I am glad the insurance company is coming to the party!!

  2. Susan says:

    Thank goodness for your insurance, and the company who was reasonable. I didn’t realize you were in the middle of all that mess. I’m glad your damage wasn’t worse than it is, but it seems as if it were a blessing in disguise, since you discovered the termites eating you out of house.

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