For those of you who were wondering, the last two posts (Which were password protected) really weren’t anything to get excited about.  They were a quick way to document insurance claims without having to clog emails with lots of photos.

We’re still waiting to hear back from the insurance company.

I haven’t been doing anything exciting, either.  Mostly because I’ve either been sleeping or cleaning (and very depressed.)

So much so that I ended up in tears at band rehearsal.  Ugh.  It doesn’t take much when you’re already down …

On the cleaning front, Shannon Lush is my new guru.  My aim is to eventually get the house set up so I can do Speed Cleaning. At the moment I’m still working through a massive “Spring Clean” stage.   I have embraced Bicarb + vinegar and have been surprised by how effective it is. (Even though I can only manage a little bit at a time before my hands protest.  I get to see a  rheumatologist at the end of the month…)

And we’ve been using so much Oil of Cloves that I’m having nightmares about dentists.  (Previously, my only association with Oil of Cloves was as a temporary cure for toothache… and when I had my wisdom teeth out.  *shudder* )  Oil of Cloves + water sprayed on mouldy paintwork, wood, etc; Oil of Cloves added to the laundry detergent to try and get rid of the mouldy smell on clothes; Oil of Cloves added to baby oil and soaked into a cloth to get rid of mould on leather shoes.   I’ve given up on trying to buy the (rationed!) 10ml bottles at the chemist and have ordered 100ml from an online source – I will mention the name IF they prove satisfactory!

It’s been raining again yesterday and today.  Yesterday we had 60mm in an hour, and I must confess that I couldn’t cope.  I heard the storm and buried my head under a pillow and didn’t want to come out – I just couldn’t face the idea of another inundation.

Mr Beloved has worked INCREDIBLY hard, moving and re-moving tonnes of stuff so the storm-water damaged carpet, bookshelves, etc etc could be documented and taken away.  He’s lost 3.5 kg and his blood pressure dropped from “might need medication” to “better than your age group.”

Anyway, here’s the latest bird …  Yarrow the Punk Sparrow!  We are about to re-home the two older offspring, we hope  – we just can’t keep all the birds, and Bollinger and Dorian seem to have got the hang of this chick thing.

Yarrow, the Punk Sparrow

(click for larger image)

Already showing attitude…