It’s a big job… but it’s only STUFF.

The first insurance assessor came today for the stormwater damage.  The carpet that looked like this on Monday:

Will all have to be ripped up and thrown out, then the slab washed down:

The plywood walls (top right of photo) and their insulation will all have to come out and be replaced too. Everything that got wet STINKS  – muddy water just reeks after sitting!

So – pack everything that is still ok, document and toss stuff that’s wrecked… the whole shed will have to be cleared out, washed down, and then we can put stuff back.

It’s a pain and very tiring.

BUT – we are safe.  The water didn’t go into our house.  We know where our important people are.  There are many across the flood affected districts (which now includes LOTS of people in Ipswich and Brisbane) who can’t say the same.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.  We’ll get through this – it’s an inconvenience, a bit of a bugger having to get quotes for replacement bookshelves etc, but really, we are ok.   We’ve got a skip coming to take the rubbish, and tomorrow I go off on an adventure to the one removalist company that still had cartons left to buy when I called.

I am, however, VERY glad that I didn’t go to the art supplies store or the library on Monday arvo as I had planned… if I had, I would have been in the two worst affected parts of the town.  You’ve probably seen the horrible film of swift water rescues as vans smashed backwards into trees, and the cars piled up as what is normally no more than a drain suddenly rises and throws cars around.

Here’s someone else’s pics of one of the bridges near us:

Yep, that’s going to wake some work to repair!

Here’s the other bridge:

We can get 0ut by going in the opposite direction to these bridges, and taking a circuitous route.  Things will be easier once the poor overworked council and their helpers can get some of the streets in the middle of town open.

SO there’s an update – I am going to bed.

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3 Responses to It’s a big job… but it’s only STUFF.

  1. Meg says:

    So glad to hear that you are OK. Most of my rellies and a lot of friends are in Toowoomba and scattered through SE Qld. To our great relief, they are all OK, safe and dry, with remarkably little damage between them. Like you, a lot are glad that they had, for one reason or another, decided not to do various things that would have put them directly in line with danger. Mind you, Mum is not too impressed – she wasn’t able to get more toilet paper! Just as well she believes in keeping a few extras in reserve!

    • Caityquilter says:

      Thanks, Meg. Good to hear your rellies are safe too. I used to think I was a bit over the top with my loo paper reserve – very glad of it now, especially as stress makes IBS worse!

  2. Pleased to hear you are okay after the floods.

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