A quick update

We’re ok.

The shed/studio is going to be a big job – and we can’t really start until the carpet assessor gets here – and he’s currently stuck in another town (Warwick) cut off by flood waters!

Mr Beloved has started documenting the book losses and stacking them to be tossed. But the bookshelves, desks, and other chipboard furniture will have to wait.  It’s all starting to stink, but what can you do?

The rain is expected to ease by tomorrow morning, but we’re barely into the rainy season.

The two bridges that go over the (normally small) creek between us and the shops have been trashed. We can still get out in the other direction, but there’s not much point – shops are pretty empty and the roads are a mess.  We’ve got enough food and water and I’m adjusting to the unique taste of sweetened condensed milk from a tube in my tea!  (We had no long life or powdered milk – I won’t let THAT happen again!)

We’re on a waiting list for the roofer (for the house) once the rain stops.  So far, pretty much ok.  I think every house in Toowoomba probably leaked on Monday!

I’ve had to turn off the TV, just watching the same dreadful images over and over again is stressful.  I think I’ll head to bed…

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6 Responses to A quick update

  1. 2paw says:

    I am glad to read you have come through thus far sound in mind and body, if not in longlife milk!!

  2. Ms. M says:

    We’ve been hearing about the floods every day on the news, here in the southern U.S. Sorry you are having to deal with losses and cleanup.

  3. Tony Graham says:

    Nothing quite like news of a flood (or bushfire) for bringing people to mind.

    I’m glad that you’re okay.



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