Some journal pages – barely started; and a rant about shops.

I’m taking Pam Carriker’s online (free) class “Recycled Journal Pages” from Strathmore Artist Papers.  (So are 1,016 other people!)  This week’s class was on finding and recombining elements from previous journal imagery. I chose to use black and white copies, since they’re only 6 cents per page, as opposed to nearly a dollar a page for colour copies.

Next week we are working with adding gesso, charcoal, and oil pastels – should be interesting!

There were also some recycled pages featured in the new Art Journaling magazine from Stampington, including some by Pam Carriker.  (Overall, I was a bit disappointed by how same-y this issue was to the last couple… I know they have a long lead time, but – meh.  Maybe I’m just having a bad day.)

There’s a kerfuffle here in Australia at the moment with some big retailers whinging that Aussies are spending money on line, often overseas, not faaaaaaaaaair!!  If the service I DIDN’T receive from two retailers today is any indication (and it is!) then it’s not a surprise that we’d rather get better, faster service on a wider range of goods at a cheaper price online.

One was a chain store – Mr Beloved and I went in looking for a specific item, and watched 3 staff stand around and chat – not one even ACKNOWLEDGED we were in the store.  We found what we wanted, by ourselves, paid, and left – vowing to buy online in future.  Stuff ’em if they can’t even be bothered to do their jobs!

The other was a locally owned business who treated me in a VERY rude manner.  And they won’t be getting any more of my money, either.  I’ll probably be buying those particular products from an Aussie online store where I can get the same thing, cheaper, faster, and without the attitude, THANKYOUVERYMUCH!

And I simply don’t buy the argument that some retailers are trying to spin about brick-and-mortar stores having higher costs – online shops still have to warehouse and pack and post, and employ staff to do that.  And I bet most of THEIR staff aren’t casualised, either! (Isn’t “casualised” a deeply offensive word?  Not just the sounds, the idea – that staff will be exploited as capital and are not ever to be viewed as actual people.  Grrrrr.)

And so to bed.

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6 Responses to Some journal pages – barely started; and a rant about shops.

  1. Miss T says:

    Thanks very much for the tip about the workshop!

  2. 2paw says:

    Poor Gerry Harvey is really upset: people said horrid things about him. Honestly, they are just greedy. How dare they try and make us pay up to 60% more for things here, so they can maintain their profits. I don’t buy much apart from books, maybe some earrings and wool, but I have it in my head to boycott the big companies who are pushing for this tax on the poorer people. I agree with you about poor service too.
    I think B&W looks fine, especially at 83% cheaper. I am all about the % today.

  3. Keely says:

    We’ve got the same whinging here from retailers who want to charge GST on online purchases. I’m all for buying from local stores to support workers, but like you, I tend to find that when they can’t act like they care if I buy from them or not, I don’t care either.

    • Caityquilter says:

      If they want my dollars, they\’re going to have to EARN them! Of course now the floods have been through things might change….

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