In progress…and a very small giveaway

Cards in progress.  I can’t remember (and OMG, shock, I am too lazy to backtrack!) where I saw the Stampin’ Up Two Step Owl Punch first used to make penguins, but aren’t they cute?

Only problem is, with my hands still swollen and uncooperative, it takes me about an hour to make each card with three penguins on it.  And there is no way I’d even try without tweezers and a Zig (brand) glue pen (that blue pen with the white lid in the foreground – has a ballpoint tip for liquid glue.  Scrapbookers have the coolest tools!)

I now also have a gazillion white owls, since I only needed the bib and one set of eye circles for the penguins.  Anyone got any ideas for the white owls? Also lots of spare orange and black bits, as you can see.  I may give up and *gasp* just bin them.

I don’t do a lot of holiday cards – so please don’t be offended if you don’t get one!

BUT: leave a comment (on my blog, not on the facebook feed) about something on my desk in the picture, and one person WILL get a card – I won’t promise it will be a three penguin one, but it will be handmade!

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4 Responses to In progress…and a very small giveaway

  1. Cyndie says:

    Is your little yellow rubber duck source of inspiration? lol It looks like a bit of a rebel though. I really like your penguins anyway, there are cute!
    Your avatar (not on your desk but on your blog) is pretty cool too.
    Merry Christmas Caitlin.

    • Caityquilter says:

      Thanks, Cyndie! I love the punk duck too – Mr Beloved gor him from the reject shop for me ages ago but I haven\’t had a bath (ew! No, I\’ve had showers, LOL!) because of the water restrictions – so he has yet to be christened!

  2. Gosh, hope you’re hand is better soon. The owl punch seems so versatile… on my wish list. I’ve seen ghosts made with this punch – maybe that could be a use for the white owls… or maybe spritz them with green or red glimmer mist for Christmas, if you want to keep them as owls…. or on a card, you could have lots of the white owls and just use one different owl with a “You’re one of a kind” sentiment.

    I adore your penguins. They look to me like they’re dancing, so I bet while you’re away from your desk, they’re dancing up a storm with that hip mohawk duck. 🙂

    • Caityquilter says:

      Yvonne, what a good idea to spritz the owls! And I love the \”You\’re one of a kind\” idea – I might have to steal that one 😉
      The punk duck was a pressie from Mr Beloved – we\’ve only just come off water restrictions after 7 years, so he\’s still waiting for a real bath (rubber ducks just don\’t work in showers!)

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