A birthday card…

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Scanned journal page; digitally layered with a text page (by Amanda Sexton, in Art Journal Caravan Parcel 46 from Scrapbookgraphics.com) glitter stars (from the 2010 Art Journal Caravan Steamer trunk – no longer available) and alpha (from Amanda Sok‘s package that was the Scrapgirls.com Jan 2010 offering.)

I printed this out onto textured cardstock and it came up quite well.  Just like a bought one.  Wouldn’t want to do that often since printer ink costs more than Dom Perignon or caviar… but my hands were too sore to cut out and paste In Real Life, so GIMP to the rescue! (GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, and it’s FREE.)

I use GIMP because it’s freeand fully linux compatible,  but I admit there are times I wish I had Photoshop Elements* or (dream on!) the full Photoshop works to play with- just because there are some groovy things (actions, styles) that you can’t translate into GIMP.

*DO NOT tell me there is a free trial version  -I know there is; the other part of the story is that we are primarily a Penguin (linux) household, because Bill Gates wants too much money for his Windows OS. :-pppp

ANYWAY, the birthday girl liked the card. I also gave her a Pitt Artist’s Pen in GOLD – love those pens, and had to get a gold and silver for myself – yum!

and a wee journal for her to Zentangle in.  (Something comes to mind here about buying pressies that you’d really like for yourself… hmm!)

My hands are slightly improved after a week back on the Celebrex.  Problem is, that’s not a long term solution (anti-inflammatories greatly increase the risk of stroke, as this ABC Health article points out).  I have an appointment to see a rheumatologist down in Brisbane but that’s not until the end of February.  (The wait would be several YEARS if I was trying to see one in the public system…)  Still no oboe of flute practice and I missed the concert band’s end of year concert and two rehearsals so far… hoping (I would cross my fingers if they didn’t HURT so damn much!) that I might be able to play in the carols gig on Monday night… we shall see.

Apart from that – I’m really enjoying reading a series of novels set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Woods Cop mysteries – but they’re far more interesting in letting the wilderness and the people who interact with it star in the stories.  The main character is a Conservation Officer named Grady Service, and they’re written by Joseph Heywood.  Deer huntin’ , shootin’, and fishin’ is DEFINITELY not my usual cup of tea but I’m loving these books.

And now it’s past my bedtime.  It’s raining here again (wettest Spring on record, anyone?!) and we have to get almost all our sheets through the wash because they’ve developed a musty pong. Ick.  There are times I wish we had a clothes-dryer…

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