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An (unfinished) journal page

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mmmm, cake!

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On Hoarding…

I’ve just read Corinne Grant’s book “Lessons in Letting go: Confessions of  Hoarder” And Wow.  Firstly, and slightly parenthetically, it turns out that no, she wasn’t the Corinne from Corryong I sort of knew.   Two Corinnes of roughly the same … Continue reading

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Pics from yesterday

We went to watch the eclipse (but kinda missed it.) I’ve already stuck these on Facebook, but for people who don’t go there: Notice the flowering privet in the bottom left – ACHOO!!  This is council land, and even though … Continue reading

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So there it is, in all it’s comforting, fruity glory.  I haven’t made this cake in several (probably the last 3?) years and I’d forgotten how good it smells while baking.  Yum. This is the cake that I used to … Continue reading

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We need to talk about Nigella… (a rant)

I have a confession to make. I think … I think I’ve fallen out of love with Nigella. I’ll just let you process that a moment, shall I? Maybe it’s the therapy working (yay?) or possibly the realisation that there … Continue reading

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(Straight out of the camera) Super macro mode on the little Canon point and shoot. The cat and dog are fascinated by the cicadas and Christmas beetles that boing about the place this time of year…

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In progress…and a very small giveaway

Cards in progress.  I can’t remember (and OMG, shock, I am too lazy to backtrack!) where I saw the Stampin’ Up Two Step Owl Punch first used to make penguins, but aren’t they cute? Only problem is, with my hands … Continue reading

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Not the best photo ever..

…but shows you just how good our wonderful Connie girl is with the little birds:

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Isn’t she pretty?  This is Squeakle, Bolly and Dorian’s new baby.  She had a brother, Bub, but sadly Bub had to be euthanased – he had a deformed leg and would never have had a decent life.  This photo is … Continue reading

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