Back from the doctors.  Trying to get an appointment with a rheumatologist  – the local one can’t see me until APRIL (and in any case she’s not taking new patients – I barely squeaked in as an existing patient since I saw her 5 years ago)  – so it will be off to Brissy, hopefully not too far in the future.

Had X Rays on my hands today.  Technician commented that they were shaking once he’d get them contorted into the position he wanted – “Yeah,” I said “that’s cos they HURT.”

So – no flute or oboe practice, limited typing, very limited art/writing – it’s even painful to hold books.  Grrrrrrrrr!

If I don’t update for a while, that’s why.

And now my hip is telling me to take some painkillers and go back to bed with a hot water bottle.

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