Fandom! (Oboe related)

So, I’ve been AGONISING over The Oboe for so long that is just about has to have capital letters every time I mention it, right?  Well, yesterday after another frustrating practice attempt I decided to check out some YouTube vids, just to see what was out there.

Turns out that there are some weird videos – but there are also some INCREDIBLY HELPFUL ones, such as those posted by YouTube user “klbtree” – who is actually Karen Birch Blundell, a professional oboist and someone who is very generous with her time and expertise.  She’s also just started a blog about her life in New York – ballet!  (*Swoon*!)  Concerts! (*even more swoon*!) Visiting the Alice in Wonderland statues in Central Park! (*I faint away in sheer wonder and envy*).

ANYWAY, she was very kind about my comments and wrote to see she’s coming down under in January and will even be in Brisbane – I had such a fangirl moment I had to go make a cup of tea before I could even SPEAK!

(I hope all this doesn’t sound too cyber-stalky – oh dear! )

So – more practice for me, and possibly the chance (if she’s doing any performances, which I hope she is!) to hear REAL LIVE OBOE for the first time since… well since I was a student in high school, when my flute teacher’s husband (a distinguished teacher and oboe player) performed in concerts at the Riverina Conservatorium of Music, as it was way back then.


In a related note: I think beginner oboe possibly sounds worse than beginner violin. Truly.  I sound like I’m strangling a tubercular duck.  It’s not pretty!