The post you have when you’re not having a post.

(I swear, I saw a bottle of Claytons at the supermarket not that long ago.)

So – not much happening here.  My back has been playing up to the point where I’m seriously considering having more injections – even though they hurt A LOT. But at the moment I’m not doing much because my back hurts.  Kind of a circular argument, except that I know that in the past the injections have let me get up and get going – which I’m kinda keen to do.

(Despite the mess in the pic – not much art stuff getting done, either.)

I’m STILL waiting on the oboe – hoping for news today.   Did I mention that once I’d decided to go with the oboe instead of the flute service, my poor old flute broke down? Something is going very wrong so that when I try to play the high E-flat, a random note happens instead.  I believe it’s a combination of the pads being so worn and the springs so in need of adjustment  – in other words, the overhaul that I could have had for the money spent on the oboe was REALLY needed.  ARRRRGH! (Because my flute comes into the “hand built” category, it’s not a matter of just a couple of hundred dollars – and it’s certainly not something I’d trust to a local, non-specialist repairer.)

So I’m playing a borrowed flute for rehearsals, but don’t have an instrument at home to practice on – well, unless I live with the random notes where the high E- flat should be.  And what keys are essential in concert band music? Oh – E flat! D’OH!

Last week we went to the local council nursery to get our “free”plants (A voucher comes with the rates notice) – the passionflower (I ADORE passionflowers! They’re so freaky!) and the grevillea (I don’t know what specific one it is, but isn’t it pretty?)photo are from that trip.

Meantime, we’re finally having some delightful Spring weather!  Today is another clear blue sky, starting off cool, warming up in the arvo (21 degrees C today!) –  just perfect.  A huge relief after the drenching rains and high winds of last week.  Of course, the warmer weather brings the inevitable “Snakes are on the move” story in the local media.

Constance J. Woodle had her haircut today – and the groomer commented on her weight loss  – YAY!  We changed Connie to a fish based diet (including fish treats instead of her favourite bribery tool, dried liver treats) and she’s stopped scratching at herself AND lost weight!  Oh, if only it was so simple for me… sadly, I hate fish, and while her kibble certainly sounds crunchy and appetising…

Oh – and here’s why I don’t do “ordinary” scrapbooking – BECAUSE I SUCK AT IT!! Seriously, this page has no “me” in it.  If I was using all the same bits over again, I’d splash paint, add more of my own writing, etc.  But here it is, DULLSVILLE:

(Also? Scrapbook pages are a PAIN to photograph straight – I *almost* managed this one, but not quite.)

I like the photo, I like the stamped date (see what happens when you don’t clean your foam stamps properly between colours? I kinda like it!) But the butterfly is crapful and the birds are boring.  *sigh* And it took me FOREVER to make something this bad – where art journal style stuff is at least enjoyable, this was torture!

And now I must go squich my boobs into a bra and take the dog for a walk.  The choices of route are either: past all the (council recognised) “problem” dogs; or down along the footpath where the local hoons think it’s wonderful fun to throw their beer bottles to smash onto the footpath.  I looooooooooove my neighbourhood.

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