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I was nervous…

… in fact, I was nervous all day.  Or, let’s wind the clock back a little – I’ve been worried since I (well, Mum and Dad, thank you!) bought THE OBOE that perhaps I’d bought a dud instrument, that perhaps … Continue reading

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The post you have when you’re not having a post.

(I swear, I saw a bottle of Claytons at the supermarket not that long ago.) So – not much happening here.  My back has been playing up to the point where I’m seriously considering having more injections – even though … Continue reading

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And one with Constance…

We could both use a haircut!

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Just ’cause it’s a nice photo

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This makes me SOOO MAD

From (fashmag) Grazia: She once described herself as “a chubby English girl who didn’t fit in anywhere” and told her parents she’d rather be called ugly than fat. [their bold] But Kelly Osbourne has hit back in spectacular style, slimming … Continue reading

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