I might just do this…

Years ago (okay, June 27, 2006, to be exact) the delightful Erin who blogs as A Dress A Day published this little file:[credit card graphic, for those reading this in a RSS feed]

with this suggestion:

So write your size (whether it’s larger or smaller than what’s in the store) on the back of the card if you use them. If you would have bought a particular thing, write something like “blue sundress, $100” too. Make it as real as possible. Turn that vague size-14 statistic into real money, and show them that money walking out of the store. The stores won’t know that they’re not serving your needs unless you tell them.

Given that I’ve just yesterday traveled down to Brisbane to buy bras, there are stores here that will be getting carded. AND followed up with written letters, because as we all know, an Actual.Paper. Letter gets attention these days, more so than an email or a phone call.

Also, even though altering patterns (hell, FINDING patterns) at this size is a total pain, I think I’ll be sewing again soon.

Watch this space…

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