Again, not much…

I haven’t art journalled in over a week.  (I know this because my bags are still packed from Social Cre8te on Thurs 26th – I didn’t get there this week due to migraine.)  I completely forgot about Fathers Day, d’oh! and so will make cards this weekend.  Mr Beloved says he has everything he needs, that all he would really like as a special treat are some steamed dim sims. (Chinese dumplings).

(this is a bad angle for Mr Beloved, but a typical couch- time pose with Miss Connie J. Woodle – note the special toy- poodle -sized tennis balls!)

Spring has suddenly arrived – the weather has changed from heater-on-and-the-big-doona-plus-at least-one -other-quilt to FAN on and  one blanket and quilt!  I have no clothes that fit. Arrgh!

My parents will be here to visit in SIXTEEN days!I’m going to try and clean one room each day so they don’t think we live they way we really do… It’s mainly the kitchen that embarrasses me, but I’m not sure I’ll be up to scrubbing the walls and cabinets.  It’s been a bad pain week, and I don’t want the fibro to flare up again.  Stupid fibromyalgia.

I managed to get to the gym only to find that the trainer had double booked (grrr…) and when we re-scheduled I had a migraine and couldn’t go.  I’ll keep going in the next week and just doing the few exercises she’s set me (mostly cardio) and HOPEFULLY get a session with her next Friday.  I need to get back into resistance training on the pin weight machines, because I know that’s when the weight (and the inches) start to come off.

I’m going back to Concert Band on Monday night, because I HAD THE BEST TIME!  There were TEN flutes present, which is not surprising – remember what I said about flutes being a dime a dozen?  – but some of them were kids who only came for the open rehearsal.  (The band is primarily for adults, with high school kids admitted if they show they have the right attitude.)  My playing was okay – seriously sharp on some of the higher notes, mostly because my flute needs that overhaul (pads that don’t seal properly cause all sorts of problems) but I can work around that (there are tricks like turning the flute and so on to modify pitch just enough to pass.)  The open rehearsal was short, only an hour, so I think we only ran through 5 0r 6 pieces, but I had SO MUCH FUN!  Got the notes under my fingers for the most part (with the exception of some very fast parts in the “Carmina Burana” arrangement) and was also able to read “above and below the notes” as the conductor put it – that is, all the other info  – if you’re already a muso, you know what I mean; if not, it’s the accents and loudness and speed markings that appear on the printed sheet, and also watching the conductor.

I’m actually feeling like sewing some fabric.  Wow.  First time in about 2 years!  Of course, this could change by the time I get the sewing room cleared out enough to actually do it, and when I have to actually take measurements before I cut anything out, but still… even just a wrap skirt would be SOMETHING.

But now I have to think of what to cook for dinner…

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