Windy Sunday…

Actually, it’s been windy all week.  Except for Wednesday, when it was windy AND wet – we had 32 mm, according to the weather site I use.  More rain than we’ve had in months!   So I haven’t been walking.  Even though I KNOW that it’s bacteria and viruses that make one ill, I also know that if I go walking in windy weather (and especially cold wind – this is weird wind, blowing up from Antarctica, I swear) I get SICK.  Spring pollen doesn’t help. Hopefully, the blustery wind will stop soon and I can get back to walking.

So I’ve been inside a lot this week.

Not that I’ve got much done.  The psychiatrist has agreed that I can reduce the amount of the new drug (Seroquel) from 300mg to 200mg but as it’s stored in body fat (of which I have a lot!) it’s going to be 6 weeks before we can expect any change.  I’m hoping that the reduced dose will help with the severe dry mouth and anger.

Although the psychiatrist says anger is a good sign, that depression is anger turned inwards, and that being angry means I’m getting better.  I don’t buy that: I don’t actually feel angry at anyone or about anything, it’s just this horrible low grade grump non-stop.  “What else can you turn that energy towards?” asks the psych.  ARRRRRGHH!  There’s always housework but I’m SO not in the mood for scrubbing walls.

I’m very happy my parents are coming to visit.  (I know I’ve mentioned this before.) But they know how we really live anyway – so even though the house will be cleaner than usual in honour of their visit, it’s not fooling anyone.

Whinge whinge whinge.

Here’s something:


Now, you might think these are just the Wildflower  Emblem of Our Suburb, and you’d be right: the abandoned car is just that.  But it’s also something else.

{clicky biggy}

It’s habitat.

This Superb Fairy Wren (Malurus-cyaneus) has decided that it must spend HOURS every day shaping up against that other bloke in the mirror.  The poor little jenny-wren hops about on top of the roof rack on the same car, ignored!

(apologies for poor quality, these are little birds and I had to use a lot of zoom on my point and shoot camera!)

(There is also something VERY WEIRD going on with this same car in the last two days with strange people getting in and out of it and bedding and food being put in.  We can see this because it’s parked under our kitchen window.  The street side windows of the car have been covered with newspaper. Suspicious much? Yeah, we think so, too.  Especially since before this weekend that car has been just sitting in the yard for well over a year, untouched except by birds….)

So, apart from that – not much going on. I made cards this week at Social Cre8te instead of doing any art journal pages.  Just not really in the mood for much.  Seems to be the song of this blog lately.  I’m just not feeling very interesting.

Oh and a fun book I  recently read:

Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding: Sky pirates!

4 thoughts on “Windy Sunday…”

  1. you’re a better photographer than I am Gunga Din. I have several colonies of those wrens in and around my garden / the dam / assorted corners of the block but almost never manage a photo 🙁

    1. It was luck – I had time to get the camera and sneak the shots over the fence – normally they\’re too fast for me too!

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