Boring Blogger, but a book

Let’s see, what’s been happening?

Not much.

Just getting through the days…

Took Mr Beloved back to the doctor, and he’s lost a kg in two weeks.  I, of course, have been walking and counting calories, and what do I get for my pains? Weight GAIN.   So unfair.  However, I did lose 30 points of mercury on the blood pressure reading, being it back down to far more acceptable levels, so at least that’s something positive.  The doctor did bring up the idea of gastric banding again, and that’s my idea of HELL, so I need to keep walking and counting…

Our warm spell (where one night the temperature was FIFTEEN degrees!) disappeared and we  are back to having cold minima and maxima temps: 1 degree overnight to around 14 or 15 during the day.

Spring blossoms are starting; ahhhhhccchooo! (That one’s for the wattle, of which there is thankfully NOT a lot locally.)

Pics etc to follow when I am more organised…

Meantime, I’ve been reading.  You can see exactly what on the shelfari widget over there on the right (if you’re reading this on the actual blog and not through a feed reader.)

Favourite book so far this year:

Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin.

Set in Cambridge in the 12th Century, lovely writing, and though the murders are gruesome they are not pornographically described  – I don’t enjoy books where every drop of blood is written out, you know?  The protagonist is a young woman trained in medicine at the famous (and liberal) school of Medicine at Salerno, Sicily. The plot really grabs you, and there are enough twists in the tale to keep things interesting right till the end.

(The only annoying thing is that for some reason, the second and third books have different titles in the US to the UK/Commonwealth.  Arrrrgh! #2 “Serpents Tale” in the US is “Death Maze” here in Australia; #3 is”Grave Goods” elsewhere but  “Relics of the Dead” here.   And our new, expanded library system has bought both, but not the 4th book in the series…)

And with that, I’m off to start cooking tea and heading into my infamous Saturday night couch potato-ness.

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2 Responses to Boring Blogger, but a book

  1. Karen says:

    if you want to try the dietician I’m with let me know… maybe a new look at things? Might not be for you, but the offer’s there

  2. Leonie says:

    ooo can i read it after you please please… i am not a page turner downer, i use a book mark and I will take very good care of it please please… ps congrats on the lower blood pressure, that is a great sign that what you are doing is working even if it isnt showing on the scales! loves ya

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