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I was a flutist…”

… that is, I used to play flute. (I would have been 20 or maybe 21  in this picture, I think.  Yikes, that’s over 20 years ago!! So young! So THIN!!) From the age of 4 when I first started … Continue reading

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So, I’m having this ultrasound… (warning: involves politics)

… and chatting away to the tech, as you do.  I mean, she’s already manhandled (that soooo doesn’t sound right for the next noun) my breasts through 4 different films for the mammography portion of today’s delights, it’s not like … Continue reading

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Windy Sunday…

Actually, it’s been windy all week.  Except for Wednesday, when it was windy AND wet – we had 32 mm, according to the weather site I use.  More rain than we’ve had in months!   So I haven’t been walking.  Even … Continue reading

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Boring Blogger, but a book

Let’s see, what’s been happening? Not much. Just getting through the days… Took Mr Beloved back to the doctor, and he’s lost a kg in two weeks.  I, of course, have been walking and counting calories, and what do I … Continue reading

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