Not much, how ’bout you?

I haven’t posted because I haven’t been doing much. Getting through the days … trying to eat less and have the dog drag me around the block at least once a day.  Trying to get something done in my art journal every day, even if it’s only gluing down an image.  (BTW, if you’re looking for images and updates in my art journal, I’m “caityquilter” over on Flickr.)

I had to buy new jeans this week (thank goodness Target had them on sale!) and since there was nothing acceptable in the fat chick range, I bought mens’ jeans.  BIG MENS jeans.  Actually ended up with a size bigger than I needed (or wanted) but things were getting desperate so I grabbed what I could.

(clicky biggy but you still probably won’t be able to read some of the journaling)

It’s always harder to keep the weight off in winter – yeah, I comfort eat, who doesn’t? – but this year has been harder with the Seroquel coming into play.  I know I’ve whined about this before, but it really does seem unfair that I have a choice of being mentally ok and fat or mentally screwed and maybe thinner.  It’s all very well for the psychiatrist to counsel not having any “bad” food in the house, but carrot sticks and celery are NOT what I want to eat on a cold and miserable day!  I’ll have to work out how to make long, slow cooked soup in the microwave – the stove is kaput, although the oven part still works  – it’s just the cooktop that is not working.

That said, I’ve stopped buying the bikkies (cookies) I liked, and am eating green apples like they’re going out of fashion. Nom nom nom.  I’m going to bake some bikkies or slice tonight (I’m limiting any baking to once a week) just so we can have something nice with our cuppas.  Without the palm oil and other strange additives of the commercial products.  A small treat while the rest of the food intake is so sensible … zucchini slice is a marvellous thing, lots of stealth veges and it lasts for at least 3 meals for the two of us!

Some of the stuff in my art journal has been too personal for me to post. I know, shocking – that I wouldn’t post something – it goes against my history – but there’s one issue in particular that is tricky and unresolved and I don’t want to expose it before things are sorted out.

(some info smudged for privacy reasons)

It’s been cold here.  I don’t sleep well when it’s cold – my bones ache.  Carrying all this extra weight doesn’t help that, of course, but July is always a tough month to get through.

I didn’t dust this week. I’ve only vacuumed the front and lounge and kitchen once.  There’s only so much fighting against the dust monster I can manage!

Another art journal page waiting for the writing… my hair is reaaaaaaalllly bugging me but I can’t afford to go to the hairdressers – and so I’m just using a headband to keep it back off my face.  I’m so grey now!  (Even the vet commented on how grey my hair is when I last took Connie in.)  Connie has to lose 1.5 kg (from her 7.5 kg total weight) and I am not even game to get on the scales (although I suspect my GP will make me when we go to see her on Monday…) – I’m back to needing to lose at least 20kg, though, I’m sure.  I can’t afford the gym, so I’m trying to walk each day – even though so far it’s only for 15-20 minutes.

Another oddly proportioned gal, inspired by the styles of Teesha and Nancy B

I’m very excited that my parents will be visiting for a couple of days in September!  YAY!!  And I was excited that I was going to be able to get some parts for my brother’s car from the local wreckers – except that when they quoted the price, we had to “tell ’em they’re dreamin’!” – they wanted $260 for a coupla bits of trim!!  Dad reckoned that he could make them out of gold for that price.

Mr Beloved also finds Winter difficult – his old back injury often flares up in the cold, and he just can’t get away from the pain.  We move slowly in Winter.  At least we don’t live in c-c-c-cold Canberra anymore – we think it’s dreadfully cold when the temperature overnight is 2 degrees C, but there were nights when Canberra had – 6… and I don’t think the houses we had there were any better built against the cold!

As you can see from my Shelfari widget (over there on the right if you’re reading this on my blog) I’ve been doing some reading.   Thank goodness for the city library! I’ve really enjoyed “The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel” series written by Michael Scott: the whole series (three books so far) takes place in just over a week – it’s action all the way.  I’ve also found some of the boxes of books that I moved with; some I’m probably never going to read again and can get rid of, and some books that I look forward to re-reading.  I recently read “Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit” by Carole Nelson Douglas – book SEVENTEEN of that series!  I used to re-read all the previous books before I read the new one, but these days I just read the one before if I can get my hands on it – I stopped buying this series at around book “K” (they’re alphabetical).

And now it’s getting too cold again for me to write.  Off to  the house for some art journaling before an evening of couch potato-ing – Monk, Doc Martin, and The Bill.

Oh, and the election? Let’s just say that regardless of all the sh1t that happens in the (drearily long) 5 week campaign, my vote will be going to another party for the first time EVER.  And it won’t be one of the major 2…

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  1. Your art journals are wonderful and multi-textural and complex. I’m always struck by the patience you must have to find images which work and do all that cutting. God, I hate cutting. Thank you for sharing the things it’s okay to share.

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