Pages waiting for what comes next…

These are some new journal pages, made from prompts from the wonderful Kelly Kilmer (her new Memories and Reflections class is open for enrolments!)  Please bear in mind that this is very much the first stage of these pages; some might only have some writing added, some will get a lot more elements before I consider them finished. (clicky for biggy on all these)

Collage 1

As you can see, I’m working in a spiral bound journal (A4 size) rather than making either of the book’s Kelly’s teaching; I’ll probably have a go at the books sometime but for now I’m happy with yet another A4 journal.  I’ve used a lot of scrapbooking papers in these pages – mostly because I have them and I’m trying to use them up, instead of being precious about them and “saving” them!

More pages to come…

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4 Responses to Pages waiting for what comes next…

  1. Your pages are really lovely – great colours – I am also using up masses of scrapbook papers in this class

  2. Caity, just dropped in to see what you’ve been up to. More prettiness, I see!

  3. marion says:

    Really, really pretty! Reminds me of ‘Victoria’! Good on you for using the good paper journal – I am way too precious about this! Next weekend, I have a day in Sydney and I’m going to an art store in The Rocks that I’ve been told about, to buy drawing paper. Today I bought a book of Matisse drawing reproductions – simply gorgeous and will set about copying them to get some practice on line drawing.
    I go nuts if I’m not doing something – it’s my reward for passing all my exams!!!!!!

    How are you settling in with the meds? How’s your appetite and sleep routine going?

    love you,


  4. Leonie says:

    ooooo I am loving the look of these already….. jealous 🙂

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