The Brisbane Adventure, and more

SO: Friday, we went to Brisbane.  The plan was to visit the Queensland Museum at Southbank, then have a wander through the galleries and meet up with some friends from an online forum.

The one exhibition I really wanted to see was well worth seeing – but alas, due to the fragile nature of the objects, no photography was allowed – and I didn’t want to spend $10 on a booklet (I would have bought 2 or three postcards, had any been available, but ten dollars is just too much.  AH, the life of the pov!)

Maybe I’ve just been at home too much, but I found the hoards of screaming children utterly exhausting.  After 20 minutes (which felt like an hour!) I had to retreat to the cafe for a cold drink.  I’m glad we avoided school holidays, I can only imagine what hell that must be.

I thought that the museum was very … empty.  Mr Beloved was also quite disappointed.  It was as though the entire centre was set up purely for small kids.  Fair enough as far as that goes, but not the Museum experience we were after.  I strongly suspect that the days of quiet contemplation of exhibits in cases are gone for good, more’s the pity.  Interaction schminteraction. (And you kids, get off my lawn!)

We then wandered outside for lunch (mmm, love that zucchini slice – it’s even good cold!) then down to the Queensland Art Gallery.  I’m very pleased I got to see the “Hats: an Anthology by Stephen Jones” exhibition,  even though that was quite busy too.  Mr Beloved noted that Stephen Jones’s own designs were very skillfully and beautifully made – often the best thing in the case.

By the time we left the Queensland Art Gallery and headed over to the Gallery Of Modern Art  I was getting reeeeaaaaallly tired.  We didn’t bother with the Ron Mueck exhibition because even the concession tickets were $10 each – and to be quite frank, his work totally creeps me out anyway.

I think we really tried to do too much in one day – about half an hour after this photo was taken (it’s at the end of GOMA, looking out onto the river) I just Could.Not.Go.On  and so even though we were about an hour early for meeting the friends, we decided to go to the cafe and just sit.

Mr Beloved was wearing a recognisable hat – and was recognised (it was the first face to face meeting with online friends).

We made quite good time out of the city, and got home around 6 pm.  On Sunday night the police came knocking on the door at about 20 to 9 – the business over the road had been broken into some time on the weekend, a big safe had been removed (probably with the aid of a circular saw) and had we heard anything?

Well, the neighbourhood dogs pretty much bark non-stop, every night,  so the barking I heard on Friday night might have been relevant – or not.  Talk about crying wolf…

Maybe now the business will invest in some proper security (although I doubt it.) As I remarked to the nice policemen, we get all sorts of cars and stray people down the end of the street because there’s no street light.

I called Mum and Dad at their new Adelaide house last night, too.  Week one, so they’re still trying to unpack, but they seem to be going ok.

I’m still trying to get rid of STUFF – there WILL be books leaving via Bookcrossing this week!

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2 Responses to The Brisbane Adventure, and more

  1. catsmum says:

    totally with you on Mr Meuck – euerk – not my cuppa tea ‘t’all

  2. Caity,
    I think it’s a sign we’re getting “old” — I feel the same way about kiddos:) Heaven forbid I ever have any grandkids!ha!
    Your museum jaunts reminded me of the time my 13-year-old and I toured the Louvre. When we walked out (hours later!) we sat at a park bench and she said, “If I were a wolf, I’d chew my feet off right now.” I realized then I had actually out-walked her:)!ha!

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