Remember travelling as a kids, and stopping at the various town parks for lunch/loo break/parent sanity break?  I’m sure there used to be one of these rockets in every second or third park (the others having an old steam train or traction engine parked in the concrete, possibly with signs asking”Keep off” but inevitably climbed all over).

I knew there was one in Toowoomba! I even have a (very) vague memory of stopping here as a kid… the rope climbing structure in the background wouldn’t have been there, of course.

Sadly, the bottom of the rocket is welded shut – I guess climbing into confined spaces is considered too dangerous these days.

Mum and Dad are mid way through The Big Move.  By this time next week they will have started to settle into their Adelaide house…

As you can see from the clear blue sky, it’s not a terrible day here – provided you can keep out of the wind. But at just on three thirty in the afternoon, it’s about time to start shutting up the house to keep the warmth in ….

4 thoughts on “Remember…”

  1. Hi sweetie,

    Which park is this photo from?? I’m curious. Glad Mr. Beloved’s pelmets are working, well done! I’m steadily working thru my exams… On the afternoon of my last exam, (Thursday coming) I’m going to the HAIRDRESSER! These days I’m a red-head, and I’m loving it! Just can’t wait for the wonderful head massage, the following week is my birthday and it’s a 0 number.

    Keep warm,


  2. We have rocketships like these in several towns in Colorado , in the US.
    They have them all sealed up also. I suppose it is beacuse of legal liability. It’s a shame that the world is like this
    We climbed all over them when we were young.
    I guess some people are too protective of their children ( victims of parental anxiety and guilt?) My children always managed to climb the outside of them
    Oh Well

    1. Lauri, I can’t remember ever hearing of anyone hurt by these rockets – such a shame that today’s “helicopter’ parents and fear of litigation have denied today’s kids the thrill of getting to the top!

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