I’m really feeling the cold today – the official weather site I check says it’s currently 13.1  degrees C but “feels like” 10.5 because of the windchill.  It’s been a blustery sort of day.  At least the washing will be dry (even if it’s difficult to tell because it feels cold as you take it off the line.)

You can see the length of our “lawn” here too – we’re currently without a lawn mower, and it seems to RAIN whenever we scrape the money together to hire one!  Oh well, maybe this fortnight…

And I’ve had a weepy sort of day – I’m not sure why.  Today is the last day Mum and Dad have in their home of 30+ years in Wagga Wagga before the removalists arrive to start loading.  I’m thrilled for them that they’re moving on to a new adventure in Adelaide, where they’ll be close to my brother and his family; but I’m also sad that they’ll be leaving friends and networks behind.

Right now I’d give just about anything to be able to move close to them all, but it’s just not going to happen – even if we could sell our house, we couldn’t afford to buy anywhere else.  I feel very isolated – which is weird, because they’ve been so far away anyway!

Mr Beloved has been working hard on building me a faster computer from spare parts (and from the care package sent by a good friend in Perth).  He’s also built pelmets for the lounge and bedroom windows – hopefully once we get those up, the warm air won’t just slide down the cold windowpanes and back into the rooms.  Pelmets are supposed to be one of those simple things that can make a huge difference to the warmth of a house… ours are just finger-jointed pine from the hardware store, stained with Mr B’s special mix of Black Japan and a secret ingredient.   Nothing fancy – we thought about covering them with quilt batting and fabric, but since they’re going over existing curtains that we don’t have matching fabric for, the stain will do.  And it matches the other woodwork in the house.

Half past four – time to get that washing in and start to close up the house – curtains drawn and blankets over doorways down (we don’t have many doors – that’s another story!) to keep in the warmth.

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  1. Marion says:


    In my tiny little Narrabundah house, I’ve bought some underfloor insulation. It comes in bright blue foamy stuff, anywhere from 12mm to 75mm thick. It’s easy to cut, just run a stanley knife, then bend and snap! a nice clean cut. It’s got tongue and groove on the side. I’ve bought a heap of it, and cut it and tongued (can you conjugate ‘tongue’ into a verb?? Whatever…) it to fit the window shapes and put it up over the windows at night. Toasty warm!!

    Last winter when I took it down one morning, the widow (on the inside) had condensation that had frozen into ice overnight! This stuff works!! (Takes a girl engineer to figure it out how to keep a house warm),

    Exams start tomorrow…

    Grab that hot water bottle and snuggle down with some psych papers to read and a nice hot cuppa,


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