Me. Hot flush, recycling and all.

(washi tape frame from Kitschy Digitals kit, recoloured)

One of Mr Beloved’s dear friends sent a care package today, (thanks, Prote!) which included two coffee mugs from the recent Atheist Convention.  Also lots of computery geekery bits and pieces which have made Mr Beloved very happy.  So here am I, in the middle of a hot flush (just looooove that red faced look, NOT!) in our kitchen.  On the left of the photo you can see that the kitchen table has been completely taken over by art supplies; on the right of the photo you can just see the laundry, complete with the unemptied recycling box perched on top of the washer.  It’s just non-stop glamour around here, let me tell ya!

Speaking of glamour – I won a gift voucher to iSUBSCRiBE, thanks to the wonderful Girl With A Satchel.  I read GWAS blog every day because she saves us money: I wait and see her review of magazines before I buy them, especially if they’ve been wrapped in plastic (ooh, anyone else just hear the Twin Peaks theme?!).   I’m trying to decide between getting 12 months of Vogue Australia (which I buy maybe every 2nd or third month, it’s pure fantasy) and  Country Style magazine (which is also pure fantasy, but with expensive kitchens instead of expensive clothes.) So far I can’t make up my mind.

You’d think having hot flushes would be useful in the colder weather we’ve been having, but sadly my face is the only part that gets hot.  I find myself lying in bed at night with a damp facewasher on my cheek while my feet rest on the hot water bottle.  Very odd. I’m not sure if the flushes are physical or psychological (or both, since can you really separate the two?) but I DO NOT LIKE THEM.

Not much else to report here: it’s cold, I hate my medicine, we’re trying to get more things done each day (Mr Beloved is currently building pelmets for the lounge and bedroom windows, to try and keep some heat in); my nose is still very sore and swollen, and my throat still hurts when I yawn.  I’m slowly recovering from the surgeries – s- l-o–w—l—y.  And I’m continuing to work with the psychologist and psychiatrist and GP to try and manage my anxiety and panic attacks.  Not getting much reading done.

Right, getting too cold here, back to the house to do the dishes so my hands warm up!

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  1. I don’t drink tea but, if I did, I would like a lime green teapot.

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