Because she’s worth it…

Constance J. Woodle went to day spa today.  Apparently she’s very well behaved for the groomer, but she’s a TERROR when you’re trying to get her into the cage in the van -the groomer picks up and returns, how’s that for service, eh?  This is her winter haircut – just the feet, face and bum trimmed, because she feels the cold.

And now we’re all headed upstairs for a nap – it’s 16C and grey here, so fingers crossed my silly internalised “NO NAPS!” voice will STFU and let me rest.

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One Response to Because she’s worth it…

  1. Marion says:

    Awwww, she’s so cute! I DO love a trip to the hairdresser. I’ve just gone red and it’s VERY nice. When I play day spa with Puppita, I need to wear the complete wet weather gear as it turns into a torrential downpour. But she loves the warm air from the hairdryer (double coat) and she smells so sweet, NOTHING like the stinky Narrabundah creek, which I struggle to keep her out of, but she can’t help herself when the labrador boys go in there.
    Thanks for the card sweetie, that was really nice of you, what with your health the way it is, thank you for thinking of me B-)


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