Sometimes, you just have to ask… featuring CUPCAKES!

So, after yesterday’s rant, friend K gets in touch with me and suggests coffee and catchup. I mentioned seeing a brand new shop when we were wandering downtown yesterday; she agreed it would be a good thing to go there. I wasn’t sure if it would even be open, but she googled it and found it was.

This is the first professional cupcake I’ve ever had, I think – and I’m so pleased I did.  Such an indulgence, but so very lovely.  The lemon buttercream icing was perfect and the small square of decorated fondant (already gone by the time I remembered the camera) was a lovely touch.

The shop was nearly sold out when we got there – and the owner has mentioned on her facebook page that she needs to close tomorrow so she can bake more stock.

We grabbed takeaway coffees from a cafe nearby, then sat under the jacarandas at the railway station and just talked.  Best afternoon out I’ve had in ages.  Thanks, Karen! Just sitting in the sun and chatting has done me a world of good.

Oh, and here’s some more that Karen chose to take home with her:

Chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry and white chocolate, I think.   I’m looking forward to trying some of the other flavours next time.

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  1. Yum – they look so good, it would be worth moving back to Toowoomba just to try some!

    1. It was yummy. I knew she was closed on Monday to bake; I was hoping she would be open on Tuesday because she’s only a block away from my psychologist – but no luck, Thursday through Sunday only. Fair enough – I get to go look tomorrow, yay!

      I’ve been watching the cupcake craze for years now – you know a meme is really far reaching when it gets to Toowoomba!

  2. We bought five cupcakes early on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago.
    They were disappointing and certainly not baked that day.
    They seemed like they had been in the fridge as were rather firm and not soft like we expected.

    1. What a shame! I wondered if she would be able to keep up with demand – I certainly wouldn’t think she could bake that many types in one day, though, given that she seems to be a one person operation.

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