This is one of my favourite photos

… and a reminder of why using a mat in a photo frame is a Good Idea.  This was taken before digital cameras, and is one of only two pictures I have with my beloved Burmese, Moët.  All the others were lost in The Great Orange Juice Incident of 2005 (in which a laptop died, with its hard drive not backed up.  I lost so many pictures that day…)

I was walking past this picture in its cheap little clip frame the other day and noticed it seemed to be resting on the glass … oddly.  Yep, it had stuck to the glass, and very careful peeling off left only those few damaged areas, which I will repair on the digital image I now have.  If only I’d used a mat to keep the picture even just a teeeeeeeeny distance off the glass, this wouldn’t have happened.  Oh well, lessons learned.

The photo is from somewhere around 1994 ish.  If I could remember what years my sister worked in Taiwan, I could pinpoint the timing, because that Tintin t-shirt was a present from her.

Moët made it to Toowoomba with me at the end of 2003, but died a few weeks later from kidney failure.  She was 16 or so.  I still miss her.

And I miss my sister, who died in 2005.  Sometimes its the little reminders that make her death seem such a short time ago.  Stupid brain cancer.  And she never used a mobile phone in her life, it was just one of those random horrible cancers.

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  1. MY heart & sympathy go out to you. My brother died when I was a little girl; not a day goes by without thinking about him or wondering what life would have been like if he were still here today. I send you many hugs!

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