An eventful evening…

During the pre-prandial Throwing Of The Ball For The Dog (an important afternoon ritual) A DISASTER was noted.  Yep, the loo had backed up and raw sewage was flowing out onto the concreted area at the back of the house. (It would be too grand to call it a patio, even though it is roofed.)  This happens every so often (as I’m sure it does to most households) probably due to tree roots in the sewer pipes.

ACK!  Call Nice Plumber (who, as you may remember, was only here the other day to tell us about the leaky gas stove) who sends his offsider to snake the pipes or whatever it is you call it.  Expensive is what I call it – “call out” fee (because of course, it’s after 6 pm by now…) plus the snaking thing adds up to $250+.  Five runs of cable down the pipes later and we *should* have reached the elbow of our sewer pipe where it intersects with council’s responsibility.

If the problem re-occurs tonight, we get to call council out to fix it.  Fingers crossed that it’s now fixed…  Trust me, Irritable Bowel Syndrome  and non-working loos are NOT a good mix!

Then – after Mr Beloved had made a rush trip to the big supermarket before they close at 8 or so for cleaning stuff (ewwwww) there was a rattle at the door.

This small wire haired terrier had slipped under our fence and was looking for someone to be nice to him and a feed… he was dragging a broken lead, as though he’d broken away from someone or somewhere he’d been tied up.  So we secured him to our fence on a long enough rope that he can get under the house for shelter. Mr Beloved fetched water and food which were both guzzled.  Poor thing is very friendly but very thin.  Oh, and yes, that’s a pigs ear he’s got in his mouth – not that we spoil dogs in our house, much!  Connie desperately wanted to go out and play with Stray Dog but of course we couldn’t let her – I mean, the poor stray could have had any number of issues, yes? But at least a pigs ear to chew on will keep him occupied for a while.  (I suspect Connie will whinge all night at hearing the stray outside, though…)

And of course there are just not the resources in a regional town like Toowoomba to have after hours RSPCA or council help for  lost dogs.  I did call both council after hours number and the  1300 RSPCA to register that the poor thing (he?) was here, and give a description and my phone number, but there just isn’t much else to be done before morning.

This all on top of braving the shops earlier today – all I wanted was a black cardigan, you know, just a nice looking cardie to throw on as it gets a bit colder?  You would have thought I was asking for the MOON!  I looked at the cheap chickie shops (Big W, Millers, Katies, Rockmans) and the fat chick shops (My Size, Autograph, and the Be Me section of Rockmans) but nope, such an article was not to be found.  I did see ONE warp thing I liked, not a cardy, but it was $120.  Um, nope!  All I wanted was just a plainish black cardie, nothing fancy, you see people wearing them ALL THE TIME, so where are they hiding?

Turns out “they’re just not fashionable” said the lady at Lowes (cheap menswear) “but I do have a couple here…”  $48 later and I have a nice black cardie AND  a blue-ish one as well.  VALUE!

So – I’m tired, there’s a strange dog making rattly sounds that will probably upset our dog all night, the back concrete has been cleaned down,  and in a little while I will go and start my bedtime rituals.  Got my CPAP machine back today (it had to have a new motor and switch) and I’m hoping it’s now as efficient as the loaner machine was.

Here’s hoping for a quiet night … although I must say, all this other stuff took my mind off my anxieties really well, LOL!

(Quick update: we all slept, and stray dog was taken away by Council’s Animal Control bloke this morning.  Apparently the dog is a known Houdini…)

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