A week later…

Well, the surgeries were a week ago today.  I’m still pretty miserable, as you would expect.  I went and saw the ENT (otolaryngologist) doctor on Monday afternoon, and he said everything was going the way it should.  I’m eating ordinary food (including scratchy toast!) to help the healing from the tonsillectomy – although I am also having ice cream every so often because the coldness is so soooooooooooooooothing. Bugger the weight gain, for now I want the real deal, full cream, super smooth ice cream.  To be eaten with a teeny coffee spoon so it lasts longer.

My nose is very tender from the septoplasty- I’ve  been using this stuff at least 3 times a day.

Once you get over the initial weirdness, it’s fine; the oh-so-trendy (but really very old) neti pots are the same thing, with a different solution to mix up.  One of my blog friends suggested it must feel like getting dumped in the surf – I’m not a beach person, but yep, I have vague memories of the feeling – but the Flo stuff is much much gentler. Still weird though.

BUT – I can breathe through BOTH NOSTRILS!! AT ONCE!!  Which I haven’t been able to do for maybe 20 years or more. It’s awesome! My right nostril actually works!!

I have some odd bruises and my left hand is sore – not so much where they had the various lines in, but all around my wrist, especially on the inside of the wrist and back of my hand, and on my lower and upper arm.  The ENT Doctor said that I had a panic attack when I was coming out of the anaesthesia, and he was glad that he’s already had me booked for an ICU bed, so they could give me stronger stuff to calm me down.  Oops! I must have really flailed about. big black and purple bruises are still just coming to the surface.

Mum and Dad called me last night to tell me there was a program on SBS about anxiety – I’d just missed it, but Dad reckons I should catch it when it repeats.  I’m almost to anxious to watch it, though! ARRRRGH!

Did I mention our computer printer is kaput?  It won’t even turn on now – for a while you could fool it by unplugging it then plugging it back in, then it would shoot paper through but not print on it – now it’s completely gone.  Only had it 5 years or so. I know the mean time to failure is less than that, it’s just I was hoping to beat the odds, I guess.  Wouldn’t you know I’d only just bought ink refills for it a fortnight before? (and no, they’re not compatible with anything newer…)

And the cooktop for our stove?  Leaking gas like a mad gas-leaking-thingummy.  The plumber/gasfitter told us some horror stories about gas leaks and houses blowing up, just to cheer us up…Obviously, we’ve turned the gas off at the cylinder, duh! The oven part is ok ‘cos it’s electric, but not having a cooktop is a bit of a pain.  We had to buy an electric frypan. (And I can hear my Mum laughing, because I made fun of her keeping an electric frypan in all the stuff they’re moving, “just in case”… YOU WERE RIGHT, Mum!!)  The stove is only 5 years old too.

And – to top it off – my CPAP machine (the one I need for you know, BREATHING at night?) needs a new motor: $386 was the quote.  I am currently using one borrowed from the local supplier, so that’s alright, but sheesh! At least I don’t have to buy a whole new machine.

Touch wood nothing else happens, right? Poor Mr Beloved is doing everything he can to help, keeping the laundry done and making sure there’s food in the fridge, and keeping the menagerie fed.

Now I’m going to head off and paint some pages in the art journal.  I am going (with Mr Beloved, I’m not game to drive yet) to the supermarket later on (about a half hour before closing time, when there’s hardly any people) to get more ice cream, and to the library to pick up a book I’ve been waiting for: The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk.  It will be interesting to compare it to the Istanbul of Barbara Nadels’ Inspector Ikmen series.

Otherwise, I’ve been reading various Pratchetts, and enjoying discovering  Discworld all over again.  Highly recommended for when you’re miserable, they’re silly enough to make you grin and wise enough to make you feel content and safe.

Right, time for more nose washing…