Another walk in the park – the Wollemi Pine

Gotta watch yourself in the park round our way –  even the trees are locked up

There is actually a reason for this.  It’s a special tree and Toowoomba seems to have more than its fair share of stupid vandals.

Connie took me for another walk in the park today.  I am finding that I get very sore from this, but sleep well – although for about 14 hours at a stretch.   Which is ok but kind of cuts into the day a bit.  I try to keep busy so I’m not getting too anxious – sometimes it’s take each MINUTE at a time, not even each hour.

Here’s another pic of the mystery tree that I though might be a Rose of Sharon tree.  Susan suggested this could be a Tree Peony – I can’t tell from the pictures I’ve found online.

sorry for the darkish picture, it was around 3:45 this arvo.    So it’s kind of a shrubby tree with lots of trunks… hmm.  not that I have room for one in  my yard anyway, I’m just curious about what it really is!

And tonight on tele: Dr Who and Winston Churchill and Daleks – woo hooo!

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One Response to Another walk in the park – the Wollemi Pine

  1. Marion says:

    Hiya Caity,

    I was so engrossed in reading your blog that my soy chai boiled over on the stove, and you’re supposed to ‘infuse and blend’ it gently! Well!

    I love the Connie walk, I just let Puppita off the lead, otherwise I get pulled over by 40kg of extrovert German Shepherd wanting to kiss every other dog around, whether their humans like it or not, (the dogs like it). The trees in Narrabundah are turning orange and red right now and it’s truely beautiful, I should get my act together and send you some photos, I feel glad to be alive in the early morning with the long shadows.

    BTW, I read a psych paper about insomnia, it’s true, exercise WILL make you sleep better! It will also make Connie sleep better, sweet dreams, sweetie!!
    M x

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