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Because she’s worth it…

Constance J. Woodle went to day spa today.  Apparently she’s very well behaved for the groomer, but she’s a TERROR when you’re trying to get her into the cage in the van -the groomer picks up and returns, how’s that … Continue reading

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And a journal page in progress

So here’s one in progress. No idea where it will end up, but so far there’s acrylic paint, watercolour crayons, and that silhouette… I haven’t been doing as much in my journal as I was before the surgery because I’m … Continue reading

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Another journal page

{clicky for biggy} Another page – I was tickled with the way Marie Antoinette’s top half fitted with a fashion magazine lower half. And isn’t that rose covered slipper chair (is that what they’re called? It’s definitely a “boudoir” chair, … Continue reading

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A journal page

{clicky for biggy} Now that I’m on (the very anxiety inducing) new medication, my sleep patterns have changed significantly.  (Actually, they’ve become part of the anxiety, but that’s another post…)  Whereas previously I would read a book during the late … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you just have to ask… featuring CUPCAKES!

So, after yesterday’s rant, friend K gets in touch with me and suggests coffee and catchup. I mentioned seeing a brand new shop when we were wandering downtown yesterday; she agreed it would be a good thing to go there. … Continue reading

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A Conversation I Had To Have: Isolation and Loneliness, and A Really Bad Dress

This morning I was chatting with a dear friend – someone I’ve known since 1992, in fact. So this person KNOWS me, as much as anyone who doesn’t actually live with me 24/7 can, I guess. And this person expressed … Continue reading

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This is one of my favourite photos

… and a reminder of why using a mat in a photo frame is a Good Idea.  This was taken before digital cameras, and is one of only two pictures I have with my beloved Burmese, Moët.  All the others … Continue reading

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An eventful evening…

During the pre-prandial Throwing Of The Ball For The Dog (an important afternoon ritual) A DISASTER was noted.  Yep, the loo had backed up and raw sewage was flowing out onto the concreted area at the back of the house. … Continue reading

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I’m so tired…

… of feeling anxious about everything.  Really, REALLY tired of it.  All I want to do is to be able to sleep when I want to sleep. Enjoy the day instead of waking up feeling like “Oh shit, another whole … Continue reading

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A week later…

Well, the surgeries were a week ago today.  I’m still pretty miserable, as you would expect.  I went and saw the ENT (otolaryngologist) doctor on Monday afternoon, and he said everything was going the way it should.  I’m eating ordinary … Continue reading

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