Connie takes Caity for a walk in Queen’s Park

Connie took me for a walk.  Well, I drove us to the park, obviously, but once there we went at Connie’s speed.  Which is faster than I can work my new camera:

This is an Abutilon, one of my all time favourite shrubs.  Except you can hardly tell that since I wasn’t allowed to stop and take a photo… (it almost works if you look at it through those 3D glasses with different colour in each eye…)  We had a small tree like this in the garden of our house in Dubbo, and I’ve wanted one in my own garden ever since.  One day, when we can afford the time and money and have space…

Someone told me years ago that this is a Rose of Sharon Tree… I don’t know for sure but it’s a very pretty small to medium tree with ginormous leaves and both pink and white blooms.

And a strelitzia.

Then the batteries on the camera went flat.  I’m not having much success with the new camera – and I don’t think it’s the camera’s fault, since it’s a Canon Powershot A480 – your bog standard point & shoot beastie these days.  I think I just need to slow down and work out how the damn thing works.  Ah well, at least it’s not film I’m wasting – gotta love that about digital, you can just throw away the bad shots.

I was trying to walk MINDFULLY, to concentrate on what I was feeling in my body: this is supposed to be helping me manage the anxiety.  (I’ll get back to you on that one…)  instead, I was mostly just trying to keep up with Connie.  For a 6 kg dog she has a lot of pulling power!

In silly TV stuff: who else loved Glee last night?  Such a funny show.  And tonight there’s Bonekickers (ABC2, at 9:45) which is  a fairly lightweight  pisstake on Time Team crossed with CSI or Bones.  It has some moments, though.

So that’s it for today – I’m just filling in time til “After The Surgery” now… telling myself that by this time next week it will all be over and I’ll be recovering at home, la la la.  The admissions centre nurse called and did the health check stuff; on Tuesday arvo I’ll get the call to say when I go in and when I have to fast from.

I just want to get better!!

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2 Responses to Connie takes Caity for a walk in Queen’s Park

  1. catsmum says:

    Perhaps your Rose of Sharon might be a Tree Peony

    • Caitlin says:

      Hmmm – I shall have to go back and take some more photos, I think! Thanks for the lead…

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