Nothing to see here, move along…

Ugh. This is really just a post about my health issues, mainly for my reference.  But do read on if you’re fascinated by the ongoing drama of it all …

You know the panic attacks?  Part of my problem has been feeling short of breath. (Which is both a symptom and a cause of panic attacks. Talk about your vicious circle!)

This is not helped by not being able to breathe through my nose (very much).

So – waaaaaaaaay back in September I got a referral to see an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist: the appointment was today.  After some fiddling about with strange dilating bits and pieces,  and running a small camera around inside to see what there might be to see, he told me:

I have an ulcer in my septum (partly caused by the CPAP machine blowing air on it. CIRCLE! VICIOUS!!)

And my septum is also badly crooked and needs straightening to help me breathe.

And my ginormous, constantly infected tonsils have to go, but 20 years or so (this apparently dates back to when I had that really severe bout of glandular fever in 1992) of restricted breathing has caused other structural problems which I won’t go into here .. ick ick icky.

So: tonsillectomy and septoplasty. May 5.   (so soon!) I’m not scared of the actual surgery (hey, I’ll be asleep!) but I am frightened of the post operative pain.  Especially when the doctor helpfully pointed out that adult tonsillectomies are probably the most painful of all the surgeries he does. And that because of the sleep apnoea, the first night after surgery will be in an intensive care bed.

Thanks. So reassuring.  Here’s hoping the 6 new prescriptions I have to get filled and take with me to hospital are covered by the PBS…

And the surgeries won’t fix the sleep apnoea (I never expected they would) but once I recover, I should be able to breathe better overall.

Thank goodness that my GP Mental Health Plan was signed off on today, and I can see a psychologist.  Not the one I was seeing before, because he’s booked up until JUNE.  But I can see someone else in the same practice tomorrow.

There’s no point in getting my hair cut or coloured anymore, I swear I’m tearing it out over EVERYTHING!!  I’m soooooo tired, and feeling really overwhelmed by stuff.

Oh, and I’m not getting any reading done: before changing medications, I was reading 6-9 books a week.  I’m struggling to even be half way through one in the last 2 weeks – and it’s not because it’s a difficult book, it’s because I can’t concentrate and I’m so damn tired.

That’s all.